Family album

Hi everybody. here is my latest animation project . Its about a woman excited about a family album.

here is the characters testing out the rig

I’m going to be a bit critical with this work. Don’t take it personally, I understand you are trying to learn.

About the model I just would say that the head looks really small compared to the body. It looks out of proportion.

About the animation, there’s lot of weird noises and ticks in her movements. Specially the shoulders, elbows, hands and head have lots of noise. I would recommend you to go much simpler and make the trajectories cleaner. What I would do is to shoot a video reference of yourself acting the scene, and then get the keyposes from that reference. Don’t forget to pose your fingers too. In general the animation should be much simpler and softer in the first part and only get big in the main dialogue accent (at the “album” part).

As a more general and long term advice, if you want to get good at animation I would suggest to actually learn animation at an online school.

In any case don’t get discouraged and keep working.

Thanks for that. am gonna work on another animation using a human refrence video. Also probably do some modifications on her head