Family Crest - Model and 3D Print

Update: My dad has finished painting it now, and it looks really good! Here’s a few shots:

For my fathers birthday this year I created a model of my family crest and had it printed in 3D by Shapeways. The final model arrived the other day and I’m pretty pleased with how it looks. Unfortunately I only have a point and shoot camera with fairly limited macro capabilities, but I include a Luxrender render to show the details too.

Photos (sharpened a bit in the GIMP):


Viewport Shot:

Nice realistic art!

Very cool!
Could you post a wireframe? Just because I always wonder how people make different kinds of widgets like the designs on the flat part.

Very professional job! Did you have much problems with keeping the mesh a “manifold” mesh?

@ Nyrath. There were a few issues. The text was a pain for example, and I had to contact shapeways about a problem with the way they check their meshes - their checking system apparently will say the mesh is non-manifold, when in fact the issue is that it has some inverted normals. However they were very helpful and even emailed me a picture showing what the issues was, and said they were working on the issue.

Wireframe (wires not shown on some parts simply as they’re too dense to be worth looking at).

Interesting, thanks. Are the parts not wireframed separate parts? Does shapeways automatically merge things like that? I’m talking about the dog and border.

Dog and border are separate parts yes. As long as they all intersect, shapeways just merges them together.

Rendered version looks great!

I agree with zhone,beautiful render!Can I ask how big the printed crest is?

It stands approx 13cm tall (a smidge over 5 inches).

holy crap, i thought the first pic was a photo. wow.

dude it is a photo. Read the thread title. It’s a print. Very cool Ben. 3d printing is an amazing process.

how can you have something like that and not break it? wow. haha

My Dad ha finished painting it now, here are a few photos. You can see in the second shot that the only part that didn’t print quite right is the twig in the ermines mouth (the ferret-like creature). It should actually be a trefoil, which looks like a three-leaf clover (the same as on the shield actually), but it must of snapped off during manufacturing, or simply been to small to print in one dimension or another. Still, it’s a minor point.

How much did it cost to print this?

It cost about £60.

Now that’s a family heirloom, that’s going to be handed down.

nice modeling :slight_smile: