Family hike

Hi guys,

I just update my Artstation with my last personal work, “Family hike”
I hope you like it.


Amazing sculpting
The detail is incredible
Will you be adding color to this work?

Thank you very much @The-Blenderer!

Yes, I am doing the low poly version to texturize and test it in unreal

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Yaaaay! :laughing:
But I dont understand why Low-Poly is colored? Why not high Poly?
Good work anyhow :+1:

Wholesome :+1:t2:

WOW, this is nice… I’m learning Blender … hoping I can get better at it

sure @BarbaraKaur, only be constant and don’t give up

Thank you a lot @muhuk!

@The-Blenderer If the final destination of the model is a game engine, the best way for me is to paint on the low poly model, everything will move better than painting a super high model and baking the painting.

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I understand now.

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This is not what I expected to see! Funny title. Can’t wait to see color.

Thank you a lot @Boder !

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you a lot! Great weekend @bartv !

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