Family house visualization

Hi people,

this is my graduation school work in blender. There are a lot of mistakes but i really enjoyed it. Blender is awesome :slight_smile:

Quite a lot of mistakes in the renders with a few good & promising bits also, and a LOT of rendering time! How long did this take to complete rendering? what would you go back and change if you had the time?

I render it about 2 weeks on 5 school computers…Its very simple because of rendering thats is the mistake…living room and kitchen i made as first but 1 frame was rendered about 1,5 hour so next rooms was made in simple style…lot of objects isnt smooth and some object are flying…but this is my first bigger project in blender so i am satisfied… I am doing another house right now and it will be more detailed and nice because i will render only images not video…

thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile: