Family House

Hi all,

after 10 years working in 3dsmax, this is my first try using Blender.
Can say I’m really impressed with Cycles engine for exterior scenes.
This is small family house in Deutschland, the ideal project for testing Blender.
Hope you like it :slight_smile:



Nice house. I propose to work with the texture a little more because it looks flat in relation to the top of the house. The more that the house is not raining any shadow.

Very very nice,Avesome.

Thanks joanna on your comment, believe or not sun angle was client choice, they want clean facade without any shadow on the house facade unfortunately, previous versions was more dramatic…

I understand that because I too have such problems with customers. As many heart aches as a great work they can spoil.

Why is the house so dirty? :slight_smile: It does not add realism and it does not look good…