Family villa interiors - trying Cycles

Some interiors for a family house as a personal work.

Two more…

like the colors and lighting. Love the b&w pics on the wall.
Two things at first glance. Break the repetition on the stuff in your living room cupboard, especially the books and magazines.
Take another look at your organic stuff. Maybe a little bit of transluency on the roses and your limes or lemons are really pale. Maybe give them some more saturation.
And if you like, share some more information about the scene. Renderengine, polycount, rendertime. Things like that would be nice to know.
Happy Blending.

“TRYING” cycles!??!

Brilliant. I like the overall colour scheme and the general photorealism. How long did it take to render?

trying cycles? o_O you need to use it more! (oops, someone already said that :stuck_out_tongue: )

wow… best cycles interior!

but can you tell me your light setup?
sun, area light?

what tone mapping do you use?

Trying? You seem to have the hang of it!

Very nicely done, att! I’m not surprised to see this made it up into Featured! Congratulations!
Can you tell us how you’ve setup your lights? I’ve tried to render some interiors with Cycles, but I can never seem to bring as much light into interior spaces as I would like.

Trying cycles… LOL
*5 what else can I say?

More colors and I would’ve liked to live there…
No, seriously, great stuff! Are all the models from you?

Great lighting! :smiley:

Really impressive work.
I am interested in rendertimes and hardware as well. So far Cycles has proved almost worthless for my architectural visualizations because of everlasting renderings. Maybe it’s because I’m rendering on CPU but I’m not sure. I don’t think an unbiased approach is the best option at the moment though; a good unbiased renderer would be more useful I think, maybe Yafaray, if it were 10x faster. Anyway, the specular map on the floor isn’t the best one, but overall the images are perfect.

nice renderings - color wise they feel a little faded out too much. surface structural details carry over well.
foreground DoF is too strong for my taste.

what works well is the scene element complexity they feel like real placed people live in not just photo studios.

Wohoow . . . Looks fascinating! You dont do the render justice, by saying Trying Cycles! totally balls to the wall dude! Looks Awesome!!! Would be wonderful if u share the post process nodes!!!

I’m hard to particularly impress. But you have impressed me. Exquisite lighting, probably could have done more in the compositor, but yeah, love the overall minimalistic look.

And err…“Trying cycles?”



Really nice. My only criticism is the composition and framing of the first picture-I think the camera should be a little bit further, because the horizontal line of the top part divides it into two parts and it looks as if it was two stacked images. Otherwise I’m curious about the settings too :slight_smile:

Thanks for you all guys! I’ll back to you with some answers I promise! :slight_smile:

I came to the same conclusion as cdog, which does not really detract from the overall job which is very impressive.

That’s by far the best Cycles Interior renderings. Congratulations!
We are very curios about the settings and rendering times.

That’s totally beautiful. Amazing work buddy :slight_smile: