Famous People in Common Places

I almost forgot to tell you guys. Last Friday when I went to see “Casino Royal” I was sitting in the same row as Stephen King and sitting almost directly in front of me was Maine’s governor John Baldacci with a body guard. They both also had some family with them.

There were a couple of people sitting behind me that were being very rude. They found every chance they could to make fun of Stephen King. It didn’t help that before the movie began they repeatedly shown a commercial for the 100.3 FM Stephen King’s radio station.

So, have any of you guys seen any somewhat famous people out and about in ordinary every day life?

What? THE Stephen King? The one that wrote all those horror books and that? He has a radio station? Cool.
Never heard of the other bloke!

Well, I don’t know any of the governors of any of the other states, so I don’t blame you for not knowing Governor John Baldacci. He isn’t really all that famous, I suppose, but he’s a little more famous than the average Joe.

The white, curly haired guy from who’s line is it anyway lives not far from me.

I took the elevator (in my building, he was there for a voice-over) with the cop brother from “Everybody loves raymond,” I saw Ian Meltzer (the bald guy from Upright Citizens Brigade) at the best buy in Chelsea (neighbordhood in manhattan) and told him “you’re awesome” like an idiot, and I saw Steve Buscemi walking down the street in brooklyn, with more gray hair than I was expecting. he is one of my favorite actors, I was too frozen to even ask for an autograph

I haven’t personally seen a famous person, but my dad has. He used to work at a restaurant in Augusta, Georgia called the “French Market Grille” or something. Anyways, there was a golfing tournament nearby, and Bill Murray was staying nearby to see it. He went to eat at that restaurant, and my dad was there to see him and talk to him.

I just think that’s pretty cool.

Well, When I was a teenager, I used to do lifesaving on a beach in Wilderness, South Africa. Our last staunch Apartheid president, PW Botha, had a holiday house there, and he and his fat wife and about 25 little sausage dogs used to go for walks every day on the beach. At that time, he was our president and I was about 15.
One cool thing though, is that hopefully this week still, I’m going to collect the office chair that belonged to another old South African politician, Pik Botha. He was our minister of international affairs for a long time, and instrumental in the peacefull transformation process into the post-apartheid era. I’m no fan of any politicians (actually pretty much dispise them), but I do like furniture with some form of historical value.
Oh, of course, a long time ago, I worked on a very crappy movie set in Johannesburg. Harrison Ford was in the movie, however, I have never even seen the movie myself. I think its name was ‘Howie’.

Peter jackson came to my BBQ… just kidding.

I tend to not care about famous people i see around, see them all the time eating at cafes and stuff. i just let them get on with it.

iv met jack nicolson who was at a film premiere for this youth theatre film thing that i did. He is just the coolest guy ever. he touched me on the shoulder and said hello to me.

Famous people are not much different from normal people, only that their reputation is magnified.
They eat, go to the bathroom, have their quirks just like us. Some are assholes, others are charismatic, just like normal people. Some are dumb, others quite smart.
I don’t really care that much for famous people. I just care for people who are dear to me.
I’ve passed the phase in my life where I look up to famous people and where I want to be famous as well. And I’m happy with that.

Once, i went to a Nine Inch Nails concert and Trent Reznor showed up :eek::eek:

Just kidding. The only time I’ve met a ‘famous’ person is whennn I went to a Maui airport and lo and behold, the underwear model guy from the teen movie Ten Things I hate About You was there.

you can find me anytime… oh wait there is the word “Famous” in the topic…
I’ve seen Mel Gibson in a VERY small village (450 p.) in France where i used to live.

I saw a police man one time
oh, I also saw someone who was on a local car dealership commercial when I went there to get some of their free hats and crayons at the dealership. of corse I didn’t buy anything

No they don’t!:slight_smile:

I lived for a time in a seedy basement apartment in New Haven, Connecticut. Another student named Timothy Shriver owned the house and he lived upstairs. One day we were sitting on the front steps and his brother-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped by for a visit. Until that day I had had no idea my landlord was from that Shriver family.

When we were visiting some family in Cleveland (when I was 6), we saw Zydrunas Ilgaukas (sp?), a well-known US basketball player (at least in the US, dunno about othe countries)
Unfortunately, I didn’t know who he was, so…


I’ve seen common people in famous places.
(Hope that is not too off topic!)