Fan art still WIP

Still have to add more details to the top and nose section, the radar dish and gun turret on the top. The turtle scene I was working on kind of took a back seat as my poor little laptop couldn’t handle any more subdivisions and kept running out of memory. But this one was fun to try and tinker with and boy without reference material I was way off LOL So to anyone reading, please use reference material (it is not cheating)

Looking good so far, the edges look a bit sharp though.

Was all the fine detail modelled or is it a bump map?

Thank you, The detail was used with the micro displacements from a height map. Makes the little details so much easier to just use an image map then adjusting the depth then letting blender do the modifications to the mesh. The edges are a bit sharp and can be turned down a bit, also that is just a single light so might also be part of that causing hard edges. I just followed one of the CG Geek tutorials on making an Imperial Destroyer and figured I would take the info from that vid and try to make something other than the Destroyer which was just a simple wedge shape with extruded boxes for the most part. This seemed a little more involved. Once I get to working on it more I will post updated renders of it here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I too had a run through on the CG Geek tutorial for the Star Destroyer, picked up a lot of tips from it.

Looking forward to seeing some updates.