Fan art

After looking Cyberpunk 2077 design… all this augmentation, I think why someone will not “upgrade” his moustache. So I decide to make cyberpunk character of my grandpa smiling_face Because I can’t make it simple I start entire scene. During work I remember brilliant Jose artwork so I make some kind of fan art… just because of fun.
In meantime I finish motorbike, start to work on other characters, police droids…


I like this a lot. Some of the proportions don’t seem right, even for the stylized look, but all in all I love it. The strong colors and grungy cyber punk look really make it stand out to my eye. If I would point out anything it would be the hair should maybe be more random and detailed, and the bottom teeth stand out too much, the focus should be on the eye area, but im drawn to the teeth because of the strong contrast.

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I still, struggle with Blender hair, moar this is Octane render. Octane have his own rules. I get some very “interesting” results :smiley: but for this I need at least 16k render to show all this hair.
Seriously I need much more experimentation, this is accidental art, I wish to make entire scene with couple characters so I really need better hair.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart, this is always honor.

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(That Massive) Keep going :grinning:

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Epic stash