Fan-based Blender repository (possibly) coming!

Well, this is going to fall in the ‘discussion’ category before it becomes ‘news’ :slight_smile:

I am planning to do a website to unite my two obsessions: Fandom and Blender. The website is meant as a haven for quality fan-made Blender models of vehicles, buildings, items etc. from movies and series (most of which will inevitably be fantasy or sci-fi, perhaps horror. It’s not a rule, they are just where strange items are most commonly found). There are no costs, no ads, no registration or any other bothersome ‘features’, just pure fandom-Blender goodness. I am financing it myself (which is really no problem for me), and it will not be a “upload freely” site, but one in which I will be personally involved in gathering content. This will hopefully ease the process and ensure quality.

The idea is to provide easy access to many of the tools needed for quality fan productions. Want to make a Star Wars fan-flick? A Lord of the Rings web-series? A face-off between Picard and Malcolm Reynolds? Pick your models and get on with it :slight_smile: (simplified example. Real version requires some assembly ;))

My one concern is, is there any real role to play for such a site? provides quite a lot of high-grade models it seems, though they are not Blender-specific (importing is always an option), and there might well be quite efficient offers of the kind out there already.

Please state your opinion on whether the Blender community would benefit from this kind of website. I would love to do the work, but I will not try to force in something that is not needed.

Probably not needed. Something like blenderwars also has a lot already, and it’s not like importing is a huge setback or anything. File>import>done.

You could always see how it works though.:slight_smile:

The blender model repository is also doing well, perhaps they need a helping hand?

There are two criteria that i use to asses the need of a community website.
Is the function already offered by another community site? Forum, Magazine, Tutorials, Repository, SMC battles, News…
Does it meet a real need?

To be a successful website both those need to be met. (I’ve found out the hardish way)