FanArt Al

The first version of this fanart model i did nearly six years ago, do to technical problems i lose that model, then in 2013 i decided to do a new version of this fanart using blender.
Why do this model twice and why finish it starting 2015?
Before i model the first version i was going troght a very stress moments and almost quit doing 3d, the main reason i took again with it was this model i just started from a box, move a few vertex then again started too see the shape the loops and help me to start again with modeling, so its a kind of an icon for my self ^ ^
Now after a year of not officially working do to the place i was working closed, i now start as a freelance worker, so again this new model its almost leading a new start.
And now that i know a few more things why not to animate it, at least a bit, a new wake up.


And a few more full body renders:

Wow, this is so incredible! Very good job converting him into 3d.:smiley:

Really cool, it’d be great to see more animations!

thanks people.

@Algirium, i may do some more animations but first i need to do it a proper rig, at the moment only have bones for posing and it dosn’t have corrective shapekeys also need an extra I7 to render them, an option its to made de model nexgen game compatible and doing the animations using glsl or maybe some Bi cycles npr, not sure those are other projects ^ ~^

a little tip, rawtherapy( can be use to “denoise” very well the isolated brigth pixels that are under a value of 1, unfortunately blender despeckle node didn’t work well in this situation.