Fanart of "Corpse Bride"

My first serious work on Blender, heavily modified on Corel Photo Paint 10 demo. Any ideas of what needs improving are welcome, though.

Nice! You have a great atmosphere in this render!

thats a very very very nise render

definatly going into gallery

I like it. The hair looks nice and you got a good expression. However the lips seem to not fade into the cheeks correctly. The corner of the lips stick out from the cheeks in an unnatural way. I’m sensitive to this because That’s a problem I’ve been having.:]

I like the hair alot in this, but i would have agree with the lip problem. That movie was great.

Good job.


You are right, but I don’t recall, if she had realistic looking lips in the movie. And I wasted an hour or so trying to fix that before. Please tell me how to fix that, I’d be very grateful.

the lips color ends to early and quickly. Add it to all the faces immediatly connected to the outer part of the lips.

Made another render recently - just for fun.

oh man thats fantastic! great mood, very well done =)

It’s a good job, but I think there is a problem with the mouth.