fancy entry animations sequence - with one problem that is!

i have a avi file of an animation i am using for my splash screen entry sequence animation of the game Operation Iraqi Freedom and i was wondering :

which free open program would you recommend to use to convert the avi (180mb) to mpeg format?

I am looking for a program where i basically open the avi and say convert (with compression variables) to mpeg so nothing fancy and only simple!

If you know of a better file format please do tell!

google for virtual dub - great converter

who needs mpeg when you got really high quality compressed avi! thanks man that converted a 147mb to 1.2mb! Wow!

thanks alot! :wink:

suppose you had an uncompressed avi first :slight_smile:

What codec did you use?

Indeo Vido 5.10! 100% quality! it really wrled good and you can’t tell the difference between the two! :wink: