Fancy Metal Bars

Hey guys and girls,

i’m a new Blender Artist (heh, artist), and I’m currently working on a game on the Unreal Engine 4.
I’m currently in the process of remaking a huge French building, but that’s not the point today.
If you take a look here ( you can see that there are lots of fancy shapes making the metal bars in the entrance. How would one do this in Blender?

I’m really sorry for being such an ignorant guy, but you’re going to see me a lot in those forums. I’m on a big project, and I want to learn by myself.

Thanks in advance,


Two ways use splines/curves and add bevel to them and a solidify modifier. Second way would be to model the manually with polygons and curves could also be used here but you’d have to convert to polys with Alt+C once you’re done making the shape, there’s a guy that specifically deals with ornaments which are similar to shapes seen on the gate. He’s name is 1D_inc, he has a youtube channel and a profile on BA. Also an array modifier would immensely help you with your project.

Okay, here’s the truth. Since your new to Blender you need to grasp basics of it before you start doing large projects, no one is going to help you if they see that you don’t provide enough information about your skills and the project you’re working on. They’ll just think you’re a little kid with huge ambitions that are out of your skill level. This was just a friendly advice and you’re picture is also blurry.
You would have far greater chance of getting help if you post pictures of higher resolution.

Array Modifier for the bulk of the fence. You create just one vertical instance, then with Array Mod you can create a whole section.
For the intricate arch piece, you could use the Skin Modifier. Check out youtube to see each modifier in action.