Fancy pants monster - Blender animation

Tried to go extra extra on the walks! The mouth rig worked surprisingly well.
It was mainly an exercise in learning how to rig efficiently.
Made entirely in Blender, and rendered with Eevee.

Let me know what you think!



I love it. LOL. Creepy and funny at the same time.

Nightmares! Haha, cool, especially with the audio.

Mouthrig works indeed very well.
Would you care to share a screenshot of the bonesetup or share how you efficiently set it up?
No need to go into super detail, just kinda curious. Looks like a single bone with decent weight painting on it.

wow. i love this!

yusss! exactly what i was aiming for :smile:

yayy thanks!

Thanks so much! The mouth rigging when it worked was pure joy! The mouth is several bones with ‘Damped Track’ on them.
I tried clicking some decent screenshots, but then decided to record a video itself!


Haha that thing freaks me out, its so alive yet so disturbed. Love it.
The mouth bones work surprisingly well I agree.

Thanks for the extended view, that was a joy to watch.

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the materials are my favorite. looks very tangible. lovely.

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