FanFilm Opening Space Scene

I am making an opening sequence for a Star Wars fanfilm that I and my brothers made.
Here are links to the file:
Quicktime 2.2 MB Click here to watch FanFilm-Opening Quicktime
WMV 1.2 MB Click here to watch FanFilm-Opening-WMV

Sorry the Quicktime is kind of bad quality but I’m horrible at figuring out good video compression. The WMV is much better quality.

The sounds are mainly placeholders and are not final.

Any advice on what I can do to make it better would be greatfully received. :smiley:

EDIT: WMV version

Looks good.:smiley: Nice looking planet. For video compression, if you have enough hard drive space, I’d recommend rendering the video as a RAW AVI file, and then recompressing it when you render out the final edited film.


The titles fly by too fast imo, also, once you start to pan towards the planet, would be nice to have some forward movement as well as the pan, just seems too stiff atm. Hope that makes sense. Good start, thought the compression hammered any detail that was there.

Thanks for the comments!

DwarvenFury: I did render it out from Blender as RAW AVI but then I compressed it in Premiere using the Sorensen 3 codec. I’ll see if I can’t work on the compression later and upload a higher quality version.

Khnum: I’ll slow down the title fly-bys and see how it looks. I was thinking that perhaps I should slowdown and lengthen out the whole animation. It does go by pretty fast. My original idea was to have the camera fly into the planet and then cut to a Terragen animation of the planet terrain. I’ll try moving the camera in slowly towards the planet though. I think it would help it to look less “stiff” like you said.

nice start. Is the planet spinning? If not, try put a hint of spin into it - nothing too excessive of course.

If you’ve got the rendering time available consider to add some motion blur to the titles. It will make them a bit smoother. (or post-process them)

Nice animation, and the sound is very good too. Now if you could please add an animated Star Wars Kid in there somewhere…