Fanmade Warhammer 40k animation and scenes progress


I’m Taumich and i’ve recently joined the Blender Artist Forum despite having almost 6 years of experience with blender as a hobby. I’ve produced some scenes and content over the years based on my favorite sci-fi universe: Warhammer 40000. The Lord Inquisitor project was part of the reason to why I began to learn 3D modeling and animating and it sure has encouraged me to improve. Bellow you can see 3 out of my 6 scenes in total (Reached image limit so will post the rest of the scenes and their progress in another post if people are interested).

The first one was done while following a few guides on how to make a planet in blender + a Space Marine Battle Barge (10 km long space ship) which i modeled over 2 weeks around Christmas 2016.

The second scene was my 3rd attempt at making a cathedral scene. I wanted it to be quick to render while also feeling large. Keep in mind that every scene visible here is intended to be animated (And I have a few short animations of each done already) which means i want them to render no more than 5 minutes for each frame using CUDA on my laptop’s GeForce 940 M. Every image here is therefore rendered between 2-5 minutes on my laptop.

This last image was made after modeling a battle suit from my favorite Warhammer 40k army: The Tau Empire. I also wanted to try making an animation for this scene and therefore constructed a desert landscape representing their home world or similar. I used 200 samples on this scene and rendered the particle smoke separately since they required different render settings (much more transparent samples).

If you would have any suggestions on ways to improve these scenes then I’d be more than happy to receive feedback. If you have any questions regarding how I made something or want to see the animations or more scenes then please tell me so I can send you the youtube link (This is my second post so I’m not able to share links in posts yet) or upload the other images i have.