FantaCratia revived?

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- AniCator

To be honest FantaCratia seemed really promising but I guess we were really surprised that there was no final output. So the idea of pick it up one more seems really interesting to me. Good luck with it AniCator :slight_smile:

Original post:
The FantaCratia main theme is a very basic theme that is easy to remember. It allows a lot of combinations of melodies and instruments.

The original theme was made back in 2005. This might explain it’s simplicity since I wasn’t that experienced. Neither in Blender nor in Jeskola Buzz (sequencer application). The original theme sounds pretty sad and is a slow repetitive track. That’s a real bummer. On top of that, I used free low-fi instruments which degraded it’s quality even more.

The original FantaCratia soundtrack is a bit weird. The original concept of the movie was very weird as well. It took some years to evolve to a more serious story. The original story even contained a few cartoon characters. The story is taking place in a darker universe now. At least it’s darker when the nightmares come.

The nightmares are obviously the bad guys in the story. But why did I choose to ‘use’ nightmares? I don’t really know actually. I’ve always thought about changing it but I never knew what to replace it with. I still have no clue what I should do with the nightmares. This could still go anywhere.

Let’s get back to the FantaCratia theme. If you listen to the track below you’ll notice that the cellos and the violins are playing a certain pattern. That’s the main theme.

I’m very sorry if that really disappointed you. I simply lacked the skills. Even the story had a lot of weak points because it was never actually written down. Only the first chapters were written down. I hope you’ll enjoy the blog post.

- AniCator