Fantastic Gimp/Photoshop alternative!

Although it isn’t free or open source Pixel is a dream come true! I will be buying this monday. I have been using it for the past 2 hours and I am hooked. Photoshop is bulky and Gimp just doesn’t cut it. This however seems to fit the bill nicely! Only £20!
If you are looking for a photoshop alternative, look no further. Why can’t GIMP take a hint and make it like we want it?

Pixel, I love it :smiley:

Also there is Opencanvas, and Dogwaffle, but dogwaffle has a crazy interface :frowning:

Because we make it the way we want it!!! Despite what many think, opensource projects is run by the coders for the coders. Its not photoshop and it was never tring to replace or compete with photoshop.

And after all this its still better than photoshop. Every tried to use photoshop without M$ ?

Just don’t be hard on people who give there time freely. Photoshop programers get paid.

I just took a quick look at “Pixel” and searched their website/forum. Looks interesting, but IMHO you can’t really call something a “Photoshop” alternative unless it also supports .PSD’s and Photoshop plugins. Gimp does this, from what I can see, Pixel’s support is either limited or non-existant. I made the switch from PS to Gimp about a year ago. It’s one of the best Open Source projects I know of. Releases are extremely stable, and the features are fantastic. I’ll keep an eye on Pixel, but for now, I didn’t see anything to make me want to switch.

since I work for a company, I use anything they provide me. That’s photoshop. But personally I don’t see any reason to switch from GIMP to a cheaper photoshop alternatives. GIMP already provides me with everything I need. Only the absence of CYMK coloring, I don’t work in printing stuffs anyway. But it’s never a bad thing to look at different alternatives out there.

Well, it’s time to update these ideas about gimp, it’s time for coders to implement GEGL
as gimp-core and make gimp a project run by the coders for the artists…
(I hope they’ll implement GEGL and layer styles in 2.4 , however in my other post there’s
the temp workaround found…)

Hello and thank you for the tip
Great scripts and very useful

Oh yes these people are offering a free program as an alternative to one that costs five hundred dollars BUT WE GET TO CRITICIZE THEM AS MUCH AS WE WANT.

critics have never been a bad thing. Critics could make the subject become better, if taken wisely.

Indeed gimp providing all the stuff i need, but I have to agree, it’s not for newbies.

Theres always BabyGimp. Or PhotoGimp for those who desire a specific interface.

Or if your not happy with that make your own. Its Open Source you decide what you want.

It certainly looks interesting but shoulden’t it be open source since they link and use many open source libs. ?

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with GIMP (minus the lack of CMYK), but I was using GimpShop (but I stopped because it was way unstable), because the GUI was more familiar.

I will say this, if Gimp is a real program (which it undoubtedly is) and not a gimmick, isn’t it insulting to say that it’s great BECAUSE it’s free? Gimp is great for so many reasons, least of which is the lack of dollars it costs.

People criticise Photoshop, windows, Office and any other software which they pay for, so why shouldn’t we have the right to criticise the free softwares as well? I would find it insulting as a programmer for people to take it as it is and never offer a bonefide opoinion on it.

See Ya’s

Hey Deep_Thought, Gimp or GimpShop, it is still the same soft, so it seems that all You need is to replace this Gimp folder:
{DRIVE}:…{GIMP folder}\share\gimp\2.0\menus
with its equivalent taken from GimpShop instalation.
Should work - you’re getting photoshop-like menus in Gimp…

Thanks jendrzych

I’ll try it,
I’m aware it is the same app, I just like the interface better (i’m used to Photoslop from work)


Ever heard of Mac OS X?

I’m sorry about what you say. I’m developing/maintaining some open-source code and I like a lot the open-source.

But this doesn’t changes things. Still gimp isn’t a viable alternative for
any professionist, and this cause it miss some of the tools (most
notable of these are layer effects, you can change them on the fly and
apply to a new level saving hours of work) that where in photoshop 7.0
(we’re at 9.0 now if I’m not wrong, and next release is on the way,
while for sure next gimp release is announced without these tools).

I’m really sorry to say that, but anyone wanting to do some
professionist level painting and expecially texturing on linux has to
consider buying Pixel or wait for gimp to implement these tools (I’m
waiting from 2003, I bet I’ll buy a copy of Pixel in some days…).

Well… IMO you could say that GIMP interface is … peculiar. But I find GIMP to be by far the best, reliable and feature packed of all the open source free alternatives - its only real contender is photoshop…

You could also ask “What makes pixel so special?” There are dozens of image manipulation proggies out there…

Mattepiu - What are these ‘tools’ that you speak of that GIMP doesn’t have? Anything aside from HDR?

Never got gimpshop running on me Debian…