Fantastic village


I live in Greece and I create 3D animations, now 4 years and I want to learn more with your help.

I am creating a fantastic village, and later, I will make of it, a video.


whoa! that’s so cool!!!

Here is the creation of a new home.

new render. use node.

Nice images :slight_smile: Do you mean futuristic?

Even if he did, fantastic fits well enough :D.
Perhaps it could use some sharp shadows, like in pic #2, nice work though.
I like your building designs!

Rather it is a fantastic image.

I will take care of the shadows later.

Do you know how I can make some fog with Nodes, or do you know tutorials that talk about.

I need your opinion whith my village. I finished my project. Thanks.:o

This looks pretty awesome :slight_smile: However, the sky image isn’t honoring the rest of the scene! Maybe adding a bit of scratches and dirt on the buildings and what not. Those are my only critics, looks pretty cool to me :slight_smile:

Hi ! I finished my work. Thank for your help.