Fantasy AirShip


much better!!!

Quoted For Truth

Lol, thanks guys.

So I’ve been kinda out of it for the last couple days (actual paid work has sorta been getting in the way… :frowning: )

Anyways…I havn’t really had any time to work. But I’ve been trying to get a list of some things to add for detail. So far I have:

-The netting (The stuff people climb up to get to the balloons) it’s in the drawing
-Some form of access hatch to the lower decks, I was thinking of adding a door or staircase to the inside of the major support pieces to lead down…just to add something so it’s not just a plain surface with no use
-Access to the storage area, probably very similar to an actual ship (With a big open area on the deck, covered with grating…)
-And some kind of control panel behind the wheel (Probabaly something large and curved…)
-Random loops of rope on the railings
-pegs to attach rigging to
-a flag (not sure where I would attach it but i’ll throw it in here)
-anchor w/ chain
-tow lines/tie down lines (Like think rope used to tie the ship to the ground when docking, like a blimp)
-And a floral deco (like the vines) encircling a crest with the kingdoms ensignia, covering the back

Other than that I’m not sure what else to add…any one have any thoughts? Just exterior things, I’m not going to be modelling any of the interior.

Well I don’t work for a bit now so hopefully I can get some work done…working around school that is…wish me luck!

oh my god that looks great, especially I like your use of violet on the ship, that makes it more fantasy-like and really fits!!!
2 crits : the wood material around the baloons is a bit glossy (dunno which renderer u used) , more spec shading maybe. Also the golden screws on the violet applications creat way too much contrast.
But all in all : thumbs up !!!

That’s really quite cool. It looks like something you could fly.

Just a few thoughts. You may want something to give it propulsion though? Don’t know if small props on outriggers (Ala Zeppelin) or a larger prop on the back? Perhaps on the ‘Buckle’ areas of the balloons would be a good spot for outriggers?

The ‘Wings’ you have could flap too to give it propulsion? Then you would need something like the wings on a Hydroplane for control. Jabba’s Barge SW ROTJ.

I must say, I like this ship very much. Reminds me of some Terry Brooks novels (although those airships are significantly different, the feel is somehow similar).

Very nice look you’ve got going there.

Thanks guys. Sorry it’s taken so long to respond, this one kinda got lost in the pages while I was working with the castle…

For the “wood” material its actually supposed to be a sort of brown/rusty metal type material. And I just use BI renderer.

For propulsion, I don’t think I will…one because I have no clue where I would add it…and 2 because I really want to keep the feel of a sailing ship in the air. But I’ll think about it.

And thanks. I’ve never actually read any of Terry Brooks novels…but thanks for the comment.

Wow, keep it up!

Wow wow WOW! Very well done! I love the style of your model…saw the castle as well…


I’d change the front though… I like the netting, but where it get’s solid it looks too straight.
I’d like to think that it still might go in water, so that would be obstrucive, i guess.
Same with the wings…
But i guess that’s more a matter of taste … :rolleyes:

C-R-A-P! the only pic thats showin for me is bib’s on the first page, i wish i could see it. Based on the pic i CAN see, tho, i thnik a white/blue color scheme would be purty sweet

Hey everybody!!!

I’ve decided to retake up this project in my off minutes (All 5 of them!) between school and homework. I really wanted to change some stuff as I never really got it to where I wanted it to be. So on with the update.

The first (and only) thing I’ve done so far is rigged/animated the wings. This is something I always wanted to have, but never had the time. But I finally sat down and figured it out, and Tada.

I have uploaded a quick little video of the wings unfolding.

I am also working on a new fuselage concept. This one is alright but very plain. So I will hopefully be doing a complete remake of most of it, namely to just up the badassery of the thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

The animation is nice, though it feels… undynamic :slight_smile:
I mean, it might actually have the right average speed, but I think, based on inertial mass, it should start way slower but therefore be faster in the end and stop quite abrupt at the final state…

Oh yah. The animation was just a test of the rig, to make sure everything folded up nicely and all the techy stuff like that.

But I’ll definitely keep it in mind when I get to the actual animation.

Very nice! I’m making an animation which also has airships and a castle so I’m looking foward to your version. So far you’ve done a fantastic job. I need to make mine better too now :smiley:

Thanks man!

I’ll definitely keep an eye out for your stuff!

Unfortunately no update yet, classes have been killing me.

I’m jealous… I want to study at Vancouver too… :slight_smile:

Hehe, yah it’s pretty sweet!

I finally have something to show!! After a couple days of intense research I have finally put some ideas to paper. It’s not much, just a quick sketch of an idea for the main body. Will definitely change over the course of the project. (I have included a quick rough measurement just to give some idea of the size I’m thinking.

(1 Story= ~10ft)

Keep an eye out for more updates!