Fantasy Aquarium

This is my first real project in Blender. I still am not a pro. I though that I’d post this to see what you guys have to say. Jus’ tell me what you think I should improve on.:slight_smile:

Turn on mirror on the glas… otherwise I really like it. I mean, you could change the lightning to enhance the mood. And you should also check out this video tutorial for faking SSS on ur fish.

The Mirror is already on. But I will increase it! I will also check out the movie! How could I change the lighting? Thank you!

How do I install the Xvid codec? I downloaded the .dll where do I put it? I know that this is a really stupid Qestion.

You can go to and download their latest codecs. I can see the movie if I open in it with quicktime. I am not that good with lighting myself and I don’t know what mood to pick for you. But here is an article that is good to read.

ARRG! I dovnloaded Divix, but when I try to play your movie it crashes! I too, think the some SSS would make it look much cooler. Could you possibly give me a basic runthrou what the vid. is about?

Okay Update, tell me what you think:

I think that raytracing and shadow aren’t turned on. : |

It’s not my video, :slight_smile: but try open it with quicktime instead, that worked for me.

When I try opening it with Quicktime I get:
Error -50: an unknown error occured

Black Boe: Thank you! But when I try to use raytracing, the bowl appears white. Is this 'cause my lighting?

Yeah, it probably is. <:P Could I see your bowl material settings?

Actually, what I had done was give the bowl ans inside side, and an outside side. Now I del. the inside side, and It works:

Looks better now huh? :yes:

I’m still fixing some minor problems with the lighing and make the wood tex better. Then I think that I’ll be finished. Unless you have other great suggestions?

edit: How’s this as a final render?:

Did I do everything right? Like, with the year and border?(added that in PSP11)
If necessary, I also have a higher resolution.

edit: edit: I think that this:

is the final final version.

Do I start a new thread in the Finished projects forum, or will this one get moved there?
This is my first project after all, and I’m not sure what to do now!