Fantasy bow crafting scene
Hello I’m working on a new image , wich shows the workplace of someone crafting a fantasy bow ( its related to an mmorpg called Rose online.

I’m quite happy about all the modelling , but I’m really having a hardtime doing the lighting for the scene and the scene seems to big and without a focus point…
Please provide me some with good critique and tips to improve !

here you can see the lighting
and here was the base image for the bow

Hi Walton,

Great work. The modelling and materials look great. I think you are right about your focus point though. Your image needs better composition. I think you can accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Use the rule of thirds to divide your scene elements into different places on the screen. Right now your table’s back edge cuts the image in to two distinct sections (table and wall) but it cuts off in the lower middle part of the screen. Try the top two thirds or bottom third of the image space. It also wouldn’t hurt to angle the camera so the table isn’t going straight across the image but rather diagonally. Just a thought.

  2. Your scene is a bit too busy. The focus is the bow but it isn’t in focus. It is competing with the poster, books, paint, jewels, chisel and wood chips for attention. Change this by making it central to the scene or maybe closer than other elements or even a depth of field effect which blurs the other elements out a bit. Or you can group them together in the little box to one side of the table. You still have them as an element but it won’t be as distracting.

  3. Your table walls and bookshelf don’t match. The table is new, shiny, unmarred. The wall planks are old, ugly and rustic. The bookshelf is in between. It’s up to you which you should change but as this seems to be a workshop I’d go for an uglier, scratched up, paint splattered, table, and maybe you can use the wall texture with a bit of paint to remake the bookshelf. The wood shavings would fit in better then as well.

Hope that helps, good luck!

I agree with forsakenacres, The Ikea table is a little out of place. To improve it you may just need to up the ante on the shadows. I hope that helps



You have a wonderfully Zelda-esque scene going on here.

I do agree with ForsakenAcres though…parts of it seem to “new”. I like the idea of battering up table a bit, as if it’s been used for a long time, like a Master Craftsman works there regularly.

I do like the feel of it and where you can take it. :slight_smile:

Good Luck