Fantasy Bridge

This is a bridge I’m working on. I used to be workin on a space ship but then I didn’t feel like it any more so I started this.

I’m not a hundred percent sure what to put in the background so suggestions are welcome. :smiley:

Crits are very welcome thanks in advance heh heh…


A dense tropical jungle would look good in the background

Yeah that was what I was thinking but I didn’t know how I was going to put it together.

to those who care

rendered with YAFRay, no shadows and GI.

Any suggestions from anyone for what kind of objects to put in like um
maybe torches or spears or things like that and where :confused:

Help is much appreciated :smiley:

Here is a wire. when I am nearing the end stages I will apply a fractal thingy to the terrain so it won’t look as smooth as it does.
I will now start on some of the scenery.

Suggestions welcome as always :smiley:


If you wanted to ‘cheat’ you could have a photo of a dense jungle in the background then model a couple of trees infront of it .

No I’d rather model it or attempt to but that can be a last resort if I get muddled up with modeling.

Is it possible to export trees from Bryce 5 :confused:

What format does it save the models as??

br5 but I will try and export it

Heres a pic with some test materials.

I’m not good at materials so can someone point out stuff wrong or help me make them better.

And how do I make the rope look like rope??


Bryce 5 apparently doesn’t let you export trees. Donno why. is supposed to be good, but I haven’t tried it.

As for ropes, Stephano had a script here. Hopefully still works.

Check Phillipe Roubal’s winch tutorial PDF at where he gives some rope modelling hints as well.

Looking pretty good so far. The rope and the ground still need texturing, but other the bridge itself is looking good. I like that it sags in the middle like a real bridge. Keep it up, you may be able to use Blender’s tree system (there’s an add-on somewhere).


I am going in a different direction now. I’m gonna try and make it more fairy tale or fabley and its got water now rather than being on a cliff. :smiley:

I tried particle grass but it looks kind crappy in some parts cause theres not enough i will have to fix that.


the water is, in my opinion, genius

very real

add a jungle, some particle grass on other side and i think it will be amazing


Ha Ha I’m a child genius :smiley:

I am thinking more of a path leading up to a little cottage or something surrounded by a forest maybe ( I ditched the jungle idea I don’t know why I just didn’t feell like it any more )

Fixed the crappy grass. Well not quit fully but its good enough. maybe I should have less it looks a bit too dense now…

The water is just a cloud bump map :smiley: (with some reflections and transparency of course)


needs anything on the other side of the bridge