Fantasy Castle (Dark Souls Style)

Designer/Modeler needed:

Game Design model. I need a low-poly fantasy castle, gothic-ish, in the style of Dark Souls 3’s Lothric Castle. It must have interior and exterior structure for 3rd person player controller traversal. Does not need to be near the size and complexity of Lothric Castle, or need any decorations, just the structure and a layout conducive that style of game-play. Gameplay footage on YouTube from that area of the game provides a lot of detail about the structure.

I am individual working on my own independent game.

Experience level and skill should be enough to design and build this model.

Deadline is End of May, 2020.

This model will be used as a grand experience for the player in a 3rd person RPG game and should invoke a similar feeling to that when first viewing the castle in the Dark Souls game, but on a smaller scale. I would like to have multiple large rooms, balconies, grand staircases, large cathedral doors (separate meshes for animation later), and other features similar to that of Lothric castle, but they do not need be AS detailed or as many.

Budget is currently $150, but can be flexible depending on the quality of work.


would surely like to help. Please get in touch with me over email [email protected] to discuss this further in detail. Or skype me: live:amanda_17153