Fantasy Castle

Well I’m alittle hesistant to post this so early on, but whatever might as well start early. This is for the same film project as the Fantasy Airship, so if you start to see some elements repeating themelves (The vines, colours etc.) thats why.

I don’t really have any official concept art for this one, it’s more a stack of doodles and talks with the director about what it should be like. So sorry about that. Eventually this is going to be part of the main establishing shot of the Castle and the kingdom (The film is a fairy tale of sorts). So it will be perched at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean, to the side of the castle and at ocean level will be a port city with a harbour ith a couple boats and such. And you will be able to see the kingdom stretching off into the distance with large mountains in the background (most likely a matte painting). So just to give you a mental image of how it all fits together.

Like I said this is still REALLY early on, but anything you’ve got to say would be helpful.

Watch for updates…

I really like the basic shape. Very ornate style.

Is it the base mesh for the whole castle or will this just end up being one tower? Either way could work, it just depends how much detail you add to it.

Will you be adding detail by raising the polycount or mainly through textures?

Thank you, I was going for ornate. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the main part of the castle (That opening at the front will eventually be the big entrance gate to the courtyard.) but I may be adding some seperate spires off to the sides, I’ll see how it goes. I’m really making this one up as I go along.

And as for detiling probably a little of both, again wait til I get to that point, and we’ll see.

So heres the obligatory post in every WIP where I admit that I completely screwed up and am going to restart with an actual planned out idea…

HOpefully this idea pans out a little better than my last one… :stuck_out_tongue:

So in the spirit of doing this thing right, here is my first update pic for Castle Version 2.

This will be (eventually) the first level of Buttress’s that will encircle around the outer-most wall of the castle. More to come!

Looking great,

I’m not a fan of people mesh smoothing objects like castles for instance. Go for the real look instead, and you seem to be doing it nicely!

Remember, Bevel Those Edges!


And do you know if theres a way to bevel a bunch of objects at once, instead of adding a bevel modifier to each one individually?

Yep, just go into edit mode and select all of the edges that you would like to bevel. Press w and then go down to bevel and do it there. It isn’t a modifier.

But don’t bevel too much or your model will end up all discombobulated.

Alright quick update. Did some more detailing. I think I’m gonna leave these where they are, as they arn’t going to be seen from any close distance. And I will add the rest with texturing (hopefully :stuck_out_tongue: )

And an extreme perspective view, just for fun…

mmm I like the extreme perspective view.

oh god please set those pillars smooth :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice architecture though. keep blending

Alright update time!

So my basic plan is to create Linked Duplicates of these two sections (The wall and the Buttress), and alternate them to make up the walls.

This is just a roungh blueprint for the castle. So you can see the wall section on the side. And this is only half of it, this half will be duplicated and flipped to make up the other half. I will also be adding buttresses between the wall loops to create a sort of greenhouse look to it…if that makes any sense…

Anyways, I think it’s coming along nicely…but then thats just me.

Next Steps:

-Add windows
-Add anything else to the wall sections
-Then go in and started duplicated and arranging wall sections

So another really quick update…

Overview so far. You can see how I’m planning to wrap the walls around. All the sections are basically linked duplicates with a couple pieces being real (The main wall part actually, so that I can join them to gether to create a seamless wall…)

Another angle…

And I’m throwing this one just cause I thought it looked pretty cool.

And thats it for now…school keeps getting in the way of my work time :frowning:

Is that an array or just copied? Looks good. I can’t wait to see the final project.

It’s all just Linked Duplicates, and then hand placed. each section is parented to an empty, so all I have to do is select the empty chose selecrt all children and then alt+d a bunch and then move them into place, actually it went a lot quicker than I thought it would.

Sorry, but I just gotta say that I’m love’n all those flying buttresses. I recently did a practice with Gothic architecture and I failed to even google search before doing it so it turned out pretty badly. To half atempt a redeeming quality to this post I’ll ask, are you only useing the bevel modifer for all the edges?

Great Work, I can’t wait to continue work on my project tomorrow!

School + Work + Friends = No Time

why does noone use set smooth any more? you can set smooth certain parts of a mesh if thats why you havent done it already

Because the topology can be easily seen w/o the smooth setting activated. It is more appropriate for a WIP thread. And in my opinion it looks better w/o set smooth :slight_smile:

@Atemporalskill: I am using Bevel for all edges…mostly…(there might be one or two things I can’t remeber at the moment), plus set smoot with an edge split modifier on basically everything. And if you like the buttress’ so far…you ain’t seen nothing yet!

@nav:Too true, although luckily after next week I get another 2 week stretch off of school for Exams, but I only have 1 exam!!Woot, and it’s right at the beginning (the first day actually!) So I’m set.

@Farthioner: I do actually have set smooth on…