Fantasy caustic room *deleted*

image deleted and swept off hard-drive

No, it’s not realistic at all, I have had a hard time even figuring out where I’m supposed to see caustics there. Mostly because the columns should have the same caustics as the walls behind them. But your textures are very noisy anyway, so it’s hard to make the scene out.

I was going to use duplverted spotlights but I found that way would be too clunky to be worth implementing.

But the caustics are supposed to be created by light bouncing of the surface of the water in the swimming pool. So, how come there are no caustics on the clock, or the columns?
Or am I completely mistaken and that’s not even a pool there? So what’s causing the caustics then?
also, give the pool some waves, completely still water won’t produce such lights.

The “caustics” are all over the place, but they’re also not. Why, for instance, are they on the far back wall but not on the closer wall.

They also seem to get brighter the further back they go, it just doesn’t make sense.

Hmmm, as the other replies said, the caustics are really strange here.

They look like caustics created by water reflection, and as there’s a pool in the foreground my first thought was that they came from there.
But the way they’re placed in the room, it’s seems more likely that they come from the window.

But the window doesn’t seem to have any “crystal pane” that would make such light distortion.
Maybe you could improve that point, by putting a different texture for the caustic for example, or making a transparent window pane ?

looks terrible! maybe you should spend less time posting and more time working on your blender skills, or, perhaps lack of. Why fake them when you can actually make them!? like already said they look fake and not realistic, or physically accurate. Better luck next time…perhaps you can follow the tut in my sig! :wink:

That’s not supposed to be water anyway, it’s a crystally thingie in front of the window to give reason for the caustics, and maybe I should just delete all my images because some party poopers think i’m not worthy as a modeler.

ahh, don’t say that Kansas_15. i think it looks kind of cool and unique.

Now if only textures expanded with the range of the lights, that would be perfect for fake caustics. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately right now, no :frowning:

they can can’t they?


I mean in size, the texture doesn’t stretch with the light range as it gets farther from the source. The image was mainly how I can simulate a fake caustic sort of lighting.

Kansas_15: Get over it! Just because someone says your work sucks doesnt mean it does… every picture has potential. Everyone sees things differently. Keep up the work, no matter if it’s good or bad! You don’t get better by quitting. If you don’t know how to do something, find a way. not only will you get better at it, but chances are you’ll learn a ton of other stuff along the way. You also don’t have to take someone’s advice if you dont think it’s very good.

Prince: Calm down, and then show me one of your works that’s realistic and physically accurate. And why fake caustics? It’s harder and more fun to fake them, that’s why! How can you criticize someone’s skill, and then tell them to have the program do all the work for them? It’s always best to understand how something works by faking it before using a builtin feature to have it done for you.
Seriously, if you don’t want to do any of the work, go use like Max or something. It has a plugin for everything.

For example, you can look at the link you can find in Prince’s sig…

Also, I don’t think we were too hard on him. Maybe I wasn’t the only one who got the impression that he thought, he made something extraordinary, new, superb. But the truth is that no, he didn’t, his texturework is noisy (which is easy to get, and hard to get rid of, I know) , the caustics look completely unrealistic, and the image doesn’t make sense. Anyone can tell him this, not only those, who can do better.
And there is another factor to this. You look at his nick, avatar, and number of posts, and you see a guy with more than 1500 posts, some of which have irritated people in the past for being so pointless.
Fine, he is just that way, it’s fine, I’ve never had a problem with that. However I think it’s a psychological thingy, most of us spent quite some time here before becoming monkeys ( sounds weird :)), so when we see a monkey, we see someone who needs real crits, and is not a newbie. Now, looking at it, I know he just joined in August, so he is a newbie, but I think this kind of unconciously tells you to tell the truth.
It’s been always like this around here, newbies get some petting on the shoulders, which they need, and deserve, and old-timers get true criticism, which they also need, and deserve.

So there, it’s just that he is a newbie, and he will get better, so no need to delete all his work, and stuff. He just got some honest opinions, which newbies rarely get. I think the “what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger” applies here perfectly. This shouldn’t hurt, he needs to get over it, and instead of posting all the time, just work on his skills, and in the very near future he will be good.

looks terrible! maybe you should spend less time posting and more time working on your blender skills, or, perhaps lack of.

That was so uncalled for :-?

Give the guy a break! The only one even tried to give kansas some serious constructive criticism was duskblue.

maybe I should just delete all my images because some party poopers think i’m not worthy as a modeler.

Hey. If you can spend one week to finish a picture like that city you did you have respect in my book. Don’t quit because some arses can’t seem to understand that some things you do for the fun of it.

That’s it. :wink: Going by how often kansas visits the forums, you get the impression that he’s been here for a while and you expect higher quality work from him.

If I saw that he had 25 posts, I’d give him a pat on the head, but with 1500 posts I feel like I should be serios and truthful.

Anyway, most of the replies in this thread were honest and constructive, so stop complaining everyone!

Give the guy a break! The only one even tried to give kansas some serious constructive criticism was duskblue.

Umm, I think telling him what’s wrong with the picture is constructive criticism, and that’s what most of us did, and it does look horrible, IMHO mostly because the textures are so noisy, it’s hard to even look at it, but I already said this…

Don’t quit because some arses can’t seem to understand that some things you do for the fun of it.

No comment.

One more thing, since you mentioned the city. That was way better than this one, so I think he should know if he is going in the right direction, or not. And in this one not even the point of the picture works (the caustics), I think he also needs to know that.
Also, I think he is going back in quality, I saw an early image, the waterslide where his textures are much much cleaner than the ones he uses right now. He also needs to know this, so he can work on it.
I looked trough his images at the link in his sig. and I think the earlier ones are waaaaaaaaaay better than this, so now I’m completely sure the comments were called for, but he shouldn’t quit because of them, but try to do better.

Work on using a normal lighting set up, that’s the main criticism I have of this image, it hardly even looks 3d, it’s all just so bland. Look at this tutorial on 3 point lighting

And try and find some better textures, as the model’s fine.

I agree that he’s done better, but for not really knowing what he was doing with faking caustics (hell, I’m not even sure how to do that), I think he did pretty good.

I’m not directing this at anyone in particular, but don’t you guys think it’s kind of retarded to base your C&C on the person’s postcount before you even look at the picture? I agree that it’s good to be harsh (to an extent) , but you should be hard on the art, not the artIST. This should go for everyone, not just someone who’s been doing it longer. If anything, the monkeys (making some exceptions) should be getting pats on the back, because their work is supposed to be good.

And there are ways to tell someone there’s some stuff wrong with their picture without making them feel like an idiot.

But what do I know, I’m just another newbie…

Let’s not forget that some ppl are still very young and have alot of years ahead of them to get better at cg … so let’s be constructive with them …

I know I’ve dropped the bomb on kansas a few times in the past but right now I just thinkg that all he needs is honest crits and that’s the best he can get…

Personally… I don’t think art should be posted with ‘terms of viewing’ written under it kansas… it doesn’t work that way …

A good tip is : before you start a new piece… take some time to look around in some galleries on the net… find some pieces wich resemble what you want to do and try to reach that quality… Not because you have to copy them, but just as a target… along the way … if you don’t know how to reach a certain effect, you can post questions on elysiun… cause I don’t really see any questions in blender general …

Just telling you how most ppl learn, there’s no shame in posting questions… check out few of my early posts… you’ll find alot of questions…