Fantasy caustic room *deleted*

I’m not directing this at anyone in particular, but don’t you guys think it’s kind of retarded to base your C&C on the person’s postcount before you even look at the picture?

No, it’s kind and respectfull to do that. Ok, let’s say I’m not even looking at the person who did it. I would have said “This sux”, and that’s all, since I wouldn’t consider that he is a fellow blenderhead, a 3d art hobbyist, or something, so I wouldn’t like to help him.
It’s kind, because the first posts usualy are not that great in quality, so when you see that it’s a newbie’s work you go very easy on him, because the first thing he needs is self-confidence, so you don’t point out every detail of what he did wrong, but tell him that he is on the right track, and you are happy that he is doing what he is doing. However if it’s not a newbie you tell him whatever you want to, he will take it, and he will know if you’re right, or not.
You kind of mixed it up as your post suggest that I criticised the 1500+ posts. No, I criticised the picture, but I was honest, since he had 1500+ posts, so I assumed he wasn’t a newbie, and I was expecting him to do better.

Oh come on, i’ve only posted a few of my things on here, and I already have people telling me it’s a waste of time…

Granted, you may work the way you say, but tht’s not how everyone does it.

Sure, you don’t have to tell a newbie everything that’s wrong with their picture, but you don’t say “that’s good!” when you know it’s not. If you do, then that’s the same type of work you’ll always get from them, because they “always do good stuff.”

I could be wrong though, you have like 500 posts more than me, so you obviously know how things work better than i do …

I know how it works, but it’s mainly for single objects, not scenes. If you notice over time i’ve been constantly changing the lighting setup. First a few sunlights and a shadow only sunlight, then a hemilight, a shadow only sunlight and a sunlight to get the areas the hemilight doesn’t illuminate. Now i’m mainly using arealights because of their realistic shadows and overtime downed them to 8 samples from 12 and then 16.

Gee, how could your hobby be a waste of time? What if it all sux that you do (not saying that it does)? All that matters is that you have fun doing it. Unless you want to make a living with it, than it matters.

I know this forum worked this way ever since I’ve been here, and when I made my first well looking image I couldn’t deal with the crits I got, because it was better than anything I have come up with before, still before all I got was “It could be better, but it’s pretty good as it is”, and it was all true, as it is true for everyone. But when I did something that looked kind of good, not one post said that it was good, all I got was criticism, and it was hard to swallow, especially since I still considered myself a newbie. Then they told me that I got to a point where people expect good stuff from me.

No need to make comments like “you have 500 more posts than me, so you must know better”, that’s not the point, and I’m not an omnipotent being or something, just an ordinary joe who knows just as much as you do, or even less, my points are not written in stone, you can argue with them.

@ Erufailon:

Got no beef with you man, I mainly reacted to prince’s post, and may have overreacted some. Btw, I don’t get better at pencil sketching because I talk much, so why would someone get better in 3D because they post alot on a webboard. %|

Alrighty then :slight_smile:

And I agree :slight_smile:

Postcounts don’t judge experience. Besides I just wanted to see how could in the first place make good fake caustic patterns. I know spotlights would make a better effect but you would need to adjust it just right to get acceptable results. I’ll keep the image up due to the different definitions of “good image” among different people like Catfish who posted a few pages back and the fact I thought it looked nice when it was done rendering.

In my opinion getting away from the procedural textures would help alot.


i imagine a lot of the negativity in this thread is due to the fact that Kansas is widely unpopular…and then theres the fact that the picture isnt particularly good…

In all honesty, those ‘caustics’ (ignoring the fact that they dont really look as such) dont appear to be coming from anywhere.

I was now going to delete the picture and then probably sweep it off my hard-drive because people think even a person who doesn’t know what 3D is could make a better one but then I look at it and finds how tranquil it looks and then I just couldn’t delete it.

deleted the image and the file as well. I should retire from 3D modeling if i’m just going to have a 50% failure rate

NOOOOOO. dont stop 3d because of opinions. just try to make things better and more beautifull. learn more techniques. GET BETTER.

you have the talent. use it.

kansas… you’re really letting this stuff get to you huh… did you read my reply at all ?? You’re young and have lots of time to become a cg pro… I don’t see the problem… even if your work isn’t pixar right now…


Yeah, stop behaving like a little girl, stand up like a man, get back on blender and show us. :wink: While your at it start with something simpler.

There’s no point making a scene if the objects in the scene are individually poor. Make a single object well.

Think about bevelled edges, irregular shapes and try to create them.

Shoving many half assed objects together does not make a good scene (1/2 asses + 1/2 assed = 1/4 assed, NOT whole assed, it’s like probabilities).



//All in good fun// 8)

Kansas, the modeling was fairly decent in that image. It was the textures you need to work on.

If you despair, then yeah, you’re never going to get any better.
What I would suggest is rely less on the image textures to give the “grainy” appearance… you needed some bumpmapping. The very gritty textures looked painful to the eye, was my biggest complaint. And they’re right… use less noise and cloud textures. Try to find textures fitting to the proper material. Those stone pillars, for example, look fine… but they look only like they have images mapped on to them… so the stones all look flat.

I do have lots of time, I just hope I don’t run out of ideas before I get there :o

Of the modeling part I do have the room, the tables, the baskets, and the clock in another file where I keep notable objects in case I want to copy them to a current project to avoid modeling them over again.

If you dont think you’re good enough that you could do something right away, write your idea down, sketch it out, or do something so that later on, when you’re better, you can come back to it, and finally have a sense of accomplishment. Someone will always find an error in any work you do in 3d, and that’s ok. Go watch that Sky Captain movie that just came out and tell me you can’t find any mistakes… lol

Anyways, never give up… that’s what the people who don’t like you want you to do. Just keep learning, keep trying, get better than them, and show 'em who’s boss. Like I said originally, get over it.

Erufailon, I was also originally talking about Prince’s post, but veered off to talking about yours, and I’m sorry for that.

I do have lots of time, I just hope I don’t run out of ideas before I get there

Now you made me piss my pants… cmon man!


For saying this, yea you don,t have the heart of a 3d artist…so retire and never come back again…MORON

and I mean it