Fantasy caustic room *deleted*

Whoa X-warrior… who’s rained into your parade then? Isin’t that little harsh?

God X, stop it – I know you are much better than this :wink:


I think the best thing you can do now is to create a kick ass work of art to show everyone what you are made of. Main thing is don’t despare, and get rid of the self defeatist attitude…nobody’s comments should be taken so seriously that you quit over them.

Simple fact: If you believe you can do it, you can.

The city you did for that WC was pretty good, even though it took longer than the weekend. you have no idea HOW MANY unfinished projects are sitting in my ~/blendstuff/ folder… and most of them never even get posted here. As for getting better, yes, it’s a matter of just practicing. lots. more for some people than others, but of course it’s expeceted that YMMV, everyone’s different.
I also find that lots of patience is needed. Many of your images have a rushed, get-it-out-the-door-as-soon-as-possible look. Sometimes you have to slow down and relax, tweak and tune a little bit at a time.
It takes time to get a scene to look close to what you want.
Wanna see the stuff I first did?
It was with a program called RenderBoy:
What I’ve added to this page:

pretty goofy looking, huh? Those two took me almost FOREVER to make, and they ain’t too great. I’d bet you can do better now, and faster.
that was almost 7 years ago. I’ve been practicing.getting better. Still not up to @ndy, or X-war, et al…, but whatever, I have fun.

…anways to summarize this rant/tirade/ramble, don’t give up so easily. This isn’t the sort of stuff most people can learn overnight. it takes time. so be patient and enjoy the ride! :slight_smile:

(…also you may want to post more in the WIP forum with questions like: “How do I improve these caustics?” rather than post immediately into Finished. The forums have been named for a reason, I suspect)

7 years :o , wow that’s a long time to get good. You really showed something there and now I will make sure an image doesn’t look stupid before I show it off unless I can’t fix it really good or the rendertime takes forever. Especially if it has fake caustics in them. :wink:

Speaking of rendertime I am expecting them to shorten for i’m going to soon get a new comp. (actually the one my father works on now and he gets the new computer) One more then twice as powerful as this one.

Thanks Gr8red :wink:

Seriously, stop posting till you have something worthy. You’re not going to get anywhere by repeatedly pounding out crappy images. You have to take time for projects and put blood, sweat, and tears into it. It seems like you’ve been posting around here 24/7 considering your post count. Consider spending less time on the net and more time evaluating your pieces. Being more critical of your own work in turn makes others less so.

What you need to do is put in actual light sources. In other words imagine a real room, imagine where the ceiling lights would be, how many lights would need to be installed in that room. Then PUT the lights in there.

For example, look at your room, how many lights are in there? Would you use a sun light to light up your room? No, you’d use the ceiling light and/or a bed lamp. So therefore, you’d model a ceiling light and a bed lamp and then add spot-lights inside them.

Do you know what I mean?

50% failure rate? 50%?

Geez. If I was that good, I’d be like, ‘HA! I’m better than ALL OF YOU!’

I’m sure the best of us are only happy with maybe 5-20% of their work. This ain’t easy.

Screw what everyone else thinks, and ask yourself these questions:

Do I think I’m an artist?
Do I think my work is good enough to show?

If the answers to these questions are ‘Yes,’ then so are the answers to:

Am I an artist?
Is my work good enough to show?

Take criticism in your stride, and when people though shit at you, eat it. Sure, it tastes bad, but that’s not your problem.

For saying this, yea you don’t have the heart of a 3d artist…so retire and never come back again…MORON

and I mean it[/quote]

“Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.” - Henry Ford

Winning isn’t a chance, it’s a choice. People are trying to make you lose. Don’t let them have what they want. If they think your artwork sucks, tough shit. You shouldn’t need to care what they think. If they just downright insult you, they are trying to bring you down to their level, their stinking, putrid pit of self-hatred. Leave them there.

kansas15 writes:

I should retire from 3D modeling

Please don’t do that. I hate it when an artist says they are going to give up. It tears me apart. Don’t squander your gift.

Yeah, right, so everyone who criticises anything around here all boil in their stinking, putrid pit of self-hatred… No, this is a kid, who can’t take criticism, and now everyone wants to pet him, so he won’t cry… I’m sorry, but this amazes me, how everyone who told his opinion honestly now turns into “self-hating arses”, while the guy who should work on his art instead of posting pointlessly into every topic, so he would actually get good, now turns into some adorable hero figure. Funny how the world turns, isn’t it?
X-warrior is harsh, but darn right he is!
Take advice, or leave it, but quit whining. I had problems with it as well, but you take over it, or you fail, that’s all, and if you decide to fail, it’s your own fault, and your own problem, not of those who gave honest opinions, so would you guys quit the namecalling game?

Erufailon, criticising and insulting are two different things.

True, X-Warrior was right, but only if K15 believed what he said.

I think telling what the problem is with the picture is criticising. Calling someone an arse, or self-hating is insulting. I think it’s pretty clear. I only see one post, and that is prince’s, which is on the line, it might be taken a bit as insulting, but as it’s pretty much points out the core of the problem (IMHO), even that is not certainly that. However the quoted words are clearly insulting, no matter who they are aimed at in this thread.

“Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.” - Henry Ford

Yes, this was the best sentence inside this whole thread.

It’s always that self-fulfilling prophecy , which drives ourselves mad.


Someone is also asking for attention, and we’re all giving it to him.

Do what ever you want to do Kansas. It’s your life.

Well … I’m no artist. I always wanted to be an artist, but I can’t draw a straight line. I always wanted to work in 3D too. Blender has made that possible for me. I’m learning from day-to-day. Someday I may create something that I would want people to see. Right now I only have to please myself … and I’m not that hard to please.

I guess what I’m saying is that as a newbie, I have a pretty thin skin. I know all of you (well … most) know a lot more about Blender and 3D than I ever will. Yet I want to be a member of this community. I want to learn and practice and … eventually … post something that can be enjoyed by many.

After reading these posts, I can’t believe how nasty some people on this site can be. I don’t understand it. You can criticize somebody’s work … but there is no reason why you can’t be nice about it. Criticism is important in order to improve not only an individual image or animation, but the way one works as well. To me, half the battle is figuring out how to approach a project.

A lot of posts I’ve read are very constructive. These people suggest new things to try. They help by showing things that they have done. They point them in the right direction. This is the sign of a good teacher. A good person. At the other end of the spectrum are people who try to hurt … who go out of their way to say they hate something, and have no suggestions as to how to improve it. There is no room for insults. These people should not be allowed to be a member of a community such as this one is.

This is just the opinion of a no talent newbie … take it for what it’s worth.

Ok guys, I know I’m ranting here, but since I was the first to reply to this thread, I would like to know who you think were not on track here, I’m especially asking Dyeater now, since he mentioned many people, and I only see Prince who wasn’t helping a lot in terms of blender stuff, but even he was right.

Kansas_15, don’t take it too hard, we all appreciate that you are here, and you do what you do, but you really need to spend more time on your work, and less around here (And that’s the whole point of this thread IMHO). I hope you will get that, and in a few months or years, amaze us with cool images you’ll make.

But it’s not just this topic. I’ve seen this in quite a few other topics, and there is no reason for it. As I said, it’s just my opinon. If there is some joy to be had by some by flaming others … then maybe I’m the one in the wrong place.

I think one of the biggest frustrations people have with Kansas_15 is that he’s constantly popping up in every thread, making comments about other peoples’ works, when his own work is still on a fairly “newbie” level.

I have a few things to say about this. Partly because I’ve been here. I see a lot of things in Kansas that I’ve seen in myself. I went through the first two years of high school, struggling. I had no respect from my peers, I was constantly depressed, and I almost committed suicide a few times. My grades went to hell. I almost failed out.

My parents pulled me out of there. They put me in an alternative school named Kradwell, by my own consent. Each of those last two years I learned more than I ever did in the other high school, both years combined. A lot of the teachers and students asked me, “Why are you at Kradwell? You seem like you’re a bright kid who could do just fine outside of here.”

The reason was that Kradwell was a great place for me… everyone there was a freak. I started out fresh again. My peers didn’t hate me. I was fairly quiet. But most importantly, I was able to work quietly and alone, but I got enough individual attention when I needed it. Eventually I gained a lot of friends there.

Now I’m at college, and I’m making straight A’s. A lot of people wouldn’t believe that I nearly failed out of high school if I showed them my records.

Kansas, I think, is largely struggling for acceptance, and his self-confidence is fairly low. I’m judging this from my own experiences. We should recognize this, though it might be embarassing for Kansas to admit. I think he should recognize it too, though.

But his own worrying about not being accepted is partly what’s causing him to troll on here. Let me make a reccomendation, Kansas, and I don’t mean this insultingly. Take a break from posting on Elysiun. Find some challenging tutorials, (I still suggest this one: , I’ve suggested it before) and give them your best shot. Then come on here, after you’re done, and show them in the Work in Progress section. Ask for critiques. Show your wire. You’ll probably get quite a few critiques. You might get a few insults. Ignore the insults… but keep working on your project. My lizard, as crappy as it is, is a project I’ve worked on for quite a while, just so that I can get better at this stuff.

I also worried about not coming up with creative ideas any more. I kept a little blue notebook in which I wrote down all the ones I didn’t have time to do. It’s quite effective.

All in all, I encourage you to keep modeling. But, I highly suggest you stop posting advice in other peoples’ threads regarding things you yourself are struggling with so much.

You’ll get better. I guarantee it. But it’s going to be hard… and that’s something you’ll just have to accept.
But yeah, move beyond the primatives! I want to see you try to work at some advanced modeling. Spend more time working, less time posting, and I promise you’ll be amazed at your improvement in skill.

If you can spend one week to finish a picture like that city you did you have respect in my book.

hey…what picture like what city? I wanna see!!