Fantasy character-Kaeli-

Here she is :smiley: . I did some work on her face( she was supposed to look like manga-characters. So it was a bit difficult to give her some real proportions[ she was frightening :o ]. I put bones on her dress and her hair to simulate wind. So far, she hasn’t got hands ( I first want to obtain good results) %|

very cool start!!! this a very nice charecter…

I wuld work more on the hair - make it, more thin. ermm… work on his connection to the head.

Not enought arms :stuck_out_tongue:

But besides this, very nice :slight_smile:


Welcome to elysiun. OUTSTANDING work. Terrific expression in the face. Could you post some images of your wires and buildup process?


Welcome to elysiun.

Exceptional work. I agree with shadowman99 about the facial expression. She looks like a real cutey, but with an edge to her.



I really like the character, and a nice face.

wires plz

I like the pose overall. Legs expressing she’s shy! Wonderful character!

Very good work. Wish I could do stuff like this. I don’t have any crits right now.

Now I’m off to go practice modelling stuff, unfortunately, not this well.

Thanks a lot guys :smiley: ! First, I want to precise that I start with an artwork from an amateur RPG project called Son of destiny; so thanks to them.
You want me to show you my buildup process but I don’t have any WIP renders , sorry %| ;But I’m going to try :smiley:

>>>2D part:<<<
>First, I started with an original artwork from SOD( some perspective and manga-design, a bit hard to start modeling).
> Then, I drew some sketches( I don’t know if it’s the right word) to prepare the 3D part. I drew nudity artworks ( front-view and side-view), to study her proportions. Then, I put her clothes over and I separate details( It’s a mess and it would be impossible to see the details).
>On these sketches, I drew a bigger and more detailled artwork of the head ( FRT-view and Side-view) to analize the face’s morphology( eyes, mouth, nose,etc…)

>>>3D part<<<
>Here we start modeling. I began with her head:

  • I start with the eyebrows/nose/ upper-head area
    -then I modeled separatly the eyes and the cheeks area from the nose
    -I model the lips and the chekbone.
  • I join all this and I check if it respect my drawings.
  • I model the ears and join them to the rest
    [>] I guess tht you will ask to me why I separate all this:That’s because I don’t want to have pressure with vertices joints :stuck_out_tongue:

>I extrude the jaw from the head and I start modeling the upper-body( arms,torso and hips). There, the sketches have got a very important part.

[>] There is a lot of things to say; so I can’t describe all that. I will give you the rest later.

that is awesome! :smiley: :smiley:
I’ve been trying to make a character like that too.(I mean, her face and expression)

Nice site. Good art. Lots of Final Fantasy influence.

Hang onto your work renders. People here (including me) like seeing that stuff.

Post more characters as you work on them. Or scenes. Or whatever.

Sweet. drawings. I saw that finished art over on the other site, but feel free to post your sketches for your model. Messy is OK. I like seeing the beginning of the idea. That’s always messy.

Looking forward to seeing more. Well done.

Nice character!
I like the face, it’s really expressive. Good Job :stuck_out_tongue:

Execellent job. Just work on the hair a bit more :wink:

Excellent work, she’s very cute :slight_smile: Hope to see more of you around here.

Some updates. I modeled her hands and I reviewed hair ( the first tex caused some strange noise effect). I’ll prepare another pose.

Thanks again for your comments :slight_smile:

That is a really cute girl. What’s her number?

Good job. You should release the blend file. :nods:

Oo nice, but maybe try putting her in a scene. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, here are some updates. I put bones on her hands and I work on a new new pose ( ahhhrg…why words don’t want to get out of my mouth).
>Notice: If the pictures don’t come, I’m very sorry, I will post soon another post.
> So, the pictures disappeared :o …hmmmm. Try these URLs.

Really great work. Love her.

Very nice!

You might want to adjust weghts of inner elbow, to eliminate crease :slight_smile: