Fantasy Cityscape

Based on an image by Munashichi (search Pixiv if interested).
No UVs, all textures are procedural; I’m not particularly happy with the windows.
Created over around 8 months.
The following description is copy/paste from my Blender Cookie gallery:

Blender 2.6x (Daily builds)
GIMP 2.8

Clouds were painted in GIMP.
Image was composited in Blender.

Render time: ~2h 30m
Samples: 500 (Although I could have lowered it without losing quality.)
Full resolution: 1,920×1,464 (not power of 2, whoops)
Vertices: 318,224
Objects: 938

Lighting: 1 Sun mesh light; Ambient Occlusion at 0.05 and distance of 1.000.
The emission of the street lamps is too weak to affect anything apart from itself.

Foreground shadow is caused by a large cloud object with a translucent material. (I don’t know if it actually does anything having the material, I just have it because it made sense.)

The modeling looks great from what I see. The picture’s massive weak point is the lighting. It’s looks like it’s supposed to be a sunny day, but for that it’s way too dark. Also the sky doesn’t convince me at all. It’s way too monochrome, and the clouds look very fake.