Fantasy Dagger - Game asset

This shot is from Blender’s viewport. I used Blender (high poly, low poly, uv’s, and viewing), Photoshop, xNormal and CrazyBump.

More images (and wire and maps) here.

Holy crap, first you show us the Junkbot and now this! Just Amazing! 5*

Wow,nice texturing!That’s next-gen for sure!

Heh, this one took a bit less work (a couple of days). I’m glad you like it.

You worked with BGE. Could you tell me if the viewport glsl view is the same thing as activating BGE and viewing model there?

Just … wow. It looks so sleek… 0.0

Thats realy cool. Looks like somthing you would use in a game, like “god of war” or somthing. :slight_smile:

That’s the idea, I plan to work in the game industry.

Sry, PLyczkowski, I haven’t worked on your level with the BGE, but as far as I know the GLSL viewport view and the BGE GLSL mode are nearly the same. Your dagger should look the same in the game. But why not just test it? Turn on GLSL for the Game Engine and press P, then you’ll know.

Yeah, I can’t spot any difference.

This model should used be in Durian. :yes: Great work!!

woah, very nice!
could you please explain how you did the texturing, step by step?

I love it! … make me a wallpaper!! Please!!! (2560 x 1600)

Very well textured. how did you get antialiasing in the viewport?

You have one hell of a resolution. Here is some bigger res just for you -> link.

Woah, that’s a lot of steps. Subscribe to my RSS, I sometimes post tutorials, If I will get to texturing you will know.

Thanks. I set my graphics card setting so that they would override application specific settings.

whoooa very nice and pro work :eek:


Perfect, theoretically you wouldn’t need anymore polygons than that, i barely noticed the edges. Image quality is perfect as is the standard of the texturing.

Rock’n roll! Thanks a lot!!

love that kind of design dude, well done :wink:

That is amazing. Keep making them.

Wow incredible work.

Yes both the viewport and in the BGE are identical, along with the render if you dont mess with certain options.
See here -