Fantasy Elf/Feline head.

Hello everyone!

It seems that my latest project could be a bit too much to handle for me, as it looks as if I can’t make any progress anymore, so I’d like to hear some criticism about it.

Here’s what I’m aiming for: Modelling a head that could belong to a fantasy creature that is a blend of an Elf and something feline.

Additionally, I’d like the head to get a female look about it. And this is probably my biggest problem since I’d like to achieve this without the help of a hairdo.

Here is what I have so far:

So I was wondering if there was something I could do with the eye area to achieve a more female and feline look.

I had a look at several pictures and photos but I can’t combine the features that I’d like too see in the pic somehow.

Since this is also my maybe fourth serious attempt at character modelling I am also not sure if the topology is ok, if I dare animating it someday.

Thanks to everyone who may have a comment to spare on this work.

See ya,


Love the character! As for improvements, the mouth probably should have loops of vertices that you can select around it, that would make for much better topology there. As for the eyes, scale them down height wise and make them slightly slanted. don’t be afraid to look up images on google of female characters, its not bad to be influenced on your character design.

Nose tip and the bridge is too small, the eyes like womball said needs to be more narrow and cats eyes are slanted like a japanese women.

Great job on the loop and all, looks more like a bat.

Personaly alot that is so for a feline is in the eyes, the east asian shape as has been commented, as well as the slit shape of the pupils.

The ears i think would be a bit flater against the head but thats my opinion.

I don’t know what the final render will look like but cats teeth are also quit distingtive.

good luck

Thanks for the input. Spent some time to day on tweaking the model accordingly.

You guys were absolutely right about the eyes. Thanks!

Just not sure about the ears and nose now.

Working on this model is starting to become addictive :slight_smile:

See ya,


The nostrils opening should be a T shape like and the upper lip in the front should curve upward where it connects to the nose.

I think the nose could be a tag smaller. And the ear shell is a bit too flat on the inside, IMO. It could have some more defined shapes. But other than that, it’s a perfect model with lots o’ character! Keep blendin’!

I’m not sure if the nose is what you are trying for, but its very “pigish”. Your topology is awesome though, but I would find a way to fix those poles around the throat. Maybe even to make it more felineish, you could could seperate the upper lip and add whiskers on the sides. Just a thought. Can’t wait to see the rest of the body. Great job.

Ok. I think I am slowly getting somewhere. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments. Helped me a lot. Here is how it/she looks so far.

Next I’ll try to add more details to the eyes and ears. Adding a bit more folds to the inner ears and an earlobe. The eyes are still giving me headaches though. Maybe they won’t look anything but weird until I put in irises.

What I’m just sure about is the poles, people mentioned. As far as I know they those are vertices with more than 4 edges attached, right? Where would they cause trouble on that head?

Again… thanks folks… you help me a lot.

See ya,


I agree exactly with what al capone said. At least that way it would look much more feline. Right now the nose looks somewhat pigish on front view.

I think you should connect the front part of ears on the head, so they would look more natural. Not the head looks like ith has big pair of false ears.

Well, so far it looks good. But after taking the title, and maybe this is intentional, the model seems to be looking like a “who” from The Grinch. The resemblence is mainly a result of the elongated snout. Of course, this is really a personal preference and if the model suits your imagination/image then by all means, don’t change it.

The inner ears could use some extra detail and curvature. Maybe curve the actual ear back some too and bring it closer to the skull. One larger issue I think needs attention is the attachment of the ears to the head (as has been previously mentioned). The front section and lobe of the ear should be connected to the head, else they appear as additions, not extensions of the skull and skin.

Overall, good start. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all the good hints and pointers, folks :slight_smile:

Had to put this model on hold for a while.

Once I’m coming back to it and have done some progress, I’ll post them here again.

Again… thanks!!!

See ya!

When you finish the head are you going to build a torso and limbs?

I intend to add a whole body, yes.

However… this might take a while, considering that I’m still working and learning on the head.

See ya…