Fantasy Fighting Championship

Hey folks!

I’ve been on blenderartists for a bit now, but this is the first time I’ve posted anything. I still consider myself a blender noob, but I figured while I’m learning why not try and combine another interest of mine
So I decided to make an MMA fight animation to help myself improve with human movement.
Thus, Fantasy Fighting Championships was born. The whole concept was pitting the best MMA fighters against each other regardless of age or size. I’ve actually just finished the keyframing of the first full fight and am about to start the rendering process.
Here are a couple stills i made of a fight between Kazushi Sakuraba and Anderson Silva.

I’ve also just finished an FFC Trailer that i posted on youtube

I’d love any feedback. I know I need alot of improvement. Thanks Yall.

honestly, its a nice try to improve ur skills, but overall it looks bad.
models under-detailed, animations dont look real that much.
i’d like to see how u improve this

thanks. I’ll keep workin on them :slight_smile:

Here’s a few new stills for the first fight between Sakuraba and Silva. I added a lil more detail to both fighter models.
They have toes!!!
Both now also have fingernails and Independant Gloves over their hands. I didn’t think that was a major thing but it seems to add a lil more depth to the models.
Also gave a lil more back muscle detail. That was severely lacking on Sakuraba’s model in particular.
The sheen your seeing on the models is me playing around with the specularity on them to simulate sweat as the fight progresses.
I’ve finished rendering the final round. Currently I’m rendering the beginning of the fight. Once that’s done I’ll add commentary and was thinking of adding a playful interview with another fighter, maybe Rickson Gracie or so. If anyone’s got any ideas for that let me know.

Here’s a few new pics of work. I’m actually done rendering and editing the fight itself. now i’m working on a new mesh character of Rickson Gracie (legendary Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighter) for a pre-fight interview segmant aswell as an after the fight little comedy bit. I’m also writing the script for the voiceover of the fight commentators and the pre-fight interview segmant. Once I have the Gracie mesh done I’ll throw a pic of it up aswell.

looks0better but you migu want to bed some camera flash effects to it. Hope you have nice slow motion scene with depth of field and spit.

there will be some slow mo yes, but as instant replays between rounds and at the conclusion of the fight. I’ve been looking at depth of field and will probably at some to a couple scenes when i do a full stadium shot. watching tons of matches i’ve noticed there’s not really a major change in focus during a fight, i’m guessing because of so many wide shots to cover the action.

Looks fine. Is this supposed to be like a game animation type rendering?

It reminds me of an old game. No, the models aren’t amazing, but I think they look alright. The faces were a little weird in the trailer though. Overall it looks good imo. I really want to see the full thing :slight_smile:

yep that’s the look i’m goin for. cept of course the actual fighting moves i’m working on are meant to be more fluid.

That’s good. Some of them looked flat, but I couldn’t really think of how to say it.