Fantasy Fighting Championships 1: Sakuraba vs Silva

As some may remember I’ve been working on this for a while as a way to learn animation and Blender itself. It’s taken quite some time to finish this (mainly because i was learning as I went) but it’s finally done! I’ve found it interesting watching the whole thing now that it’s finished and seeing areas that I rendered early (like the walk cycles for the entrances) that need tons of work, but also seeing some of the later renders and pick up shots that came out a bit smoother. I still have a long way to go before I would even consider myself a half way decent animator, but this is a start.
I’d be greatful for any critiques and comments on how to keep improving.

That is one heck of a learning project!

Did you use a reference?

I drew references for the models of the fighters. I also use some reference video for a few of Mr. Sakuraba’s flashier moves like the jump stomp and spinning back kick. I watched hours upon hours of different fights including of course Sakuraba and Silva fights writing down the timing for different types of punches and kicks to average out how many frames they should take up as i was animating them. I started out storyboarding it and doing a previz, but really scrapped that for letting the fight free flow as i animated.

Man top marks for ambition! As you said the animation can be better but you’re on the way. With fighting in particular, you really need to look at where power is coming from (e.g. hips (usually), shoulder etc.) and let that drive the fists or whatever. Keep revisiting those fundamentals and keep weight and dynamic balance in your mind all the time. A while ago on they had a webinar on the anatomy of a fight. See if you can track that down, cos there where some good nuggets in there.

I’ll do that thanks alot for the advice :slight_smile:

figured i’d throw this in here since it’s semi-related. It’s my entry into the blender guru “saying goodbye” competition. It’s my first time using blender 2.5-2.6 for anything other than compositing. It’s called Goodbye Gracie Hunter. showing Kazushi Sakuraba walking up the ramp for the last time as he leaves his gloves in the ring showing his retirement. Everything is a complete redesign. from stage and ring to the Sakuraba model which is higher poly than the one in the FFC animation and an older looking version of the man.