fantasy hallway

didn’t post anything in a while, here is a simple hallway art. what do you think?

So far it looks nice; i like the colours.

I think the main problem with the scene so far is that it ends too suddenly. Maybe add a door or somthing similar?

Also, for a corridor, it’s not quite wide enough.

But, nice image. Keep it up!

Great start!

A little too blurry in the foreground which makes it look like too much DOF and so it looks very small.

thanks for the comments! here is the new update, with lighting changes, make the hallway bigger and lighter on the DOF.

Thats it. NOW it looks like I’m in a big passageway. :slight_smile:

It looks very good. The only thing that slightly gives away that it’s 3D is that the square texture on the floor is cut off by the right wall. Usually, if they make a square pattern on a floor, it would be the entire square pattern. Just bring the right wall out a bit.

Looks great though.

update of the day: this time fixed the square pattern on the ground and add texture on the wall and the ground

Given the scale of a normal hallway I still think there is too much DOF. Maybe if you added something to help the eye put the hallway in scale like a Human. Or if you don’t want a character stealing the focus from the hall, then maybe a set of ceiling lamps or at least something with a known scale to help set the scale of the hallway. Because right now it could be 6 feet tall or 60 feet tall for all I can tell.

Very nice work so far, the only suggestions I could think of making is making some sort of an ‘ending section’ to the hallway, so it ends in a way where it doesn’t seem like it was cut at that section.

You might also want to break the solid beam of light into smaller, multiple beams, but in a subtle way.

I will add in some kind of ending to the hallway later but here is little update

Ah, the bricks and lamps make it a lot more read-able now. I didn’t even know there was an archway to the left until now. :slight_smile:

update: redone the archway and make them bigger and etc…

It looks nice and the colors are mixed intelligently that it mirrors how the light would really affect such a hallway.

Though it looks a little to plain and it ends abruptly. And the pillars need to be spaced better so it will look longer. They look a little cramped on the first image.

The second one looks a lot better with more emphasis to the floor design.

I don’t build houses but i suspect laying bricks vertically would make the structure less sturdy. In the arches at least the bricks are placed vertically and that seems odd to me since I’ve never seen that. I might be wrong though.

^ actually that might be something to do with how I texture it. I am still not that good in texture…

The more realistic this gets, the more implausible the ceiling looks. I suggest you look up some pictures of vaulted ceilings to get a better feel for how that is done in real life.

update: add in a background and add a door in the end, still working on the texture

Wow, what tremendous improvement so far, great work on improving the scene.

A few more things.

-The area where the horizontal and vertical beams intersect doesn’t look right, there needs to be some sort of an actual joint or joint piece that they connect to

-Looks like you haven’t pre-multiplied the alpha when mixing the background and the scene (usually those black lines disappear when it is pressed)

-Like PlantPerson said, the ceiling gives the impression it might just collapse from weak design, there should at least be an impression of a stronger joint, between the ends of the ceiling and the wall, either by making the right side of the ceiling meet at a more acute angle, make it more symmetrical, or creating an edge mesh to give a sense of attachment.

update: okay, not so much as update since I didn’t change much. However, I changed the lighting to HDRI, so it will match the environment, does it look better or worst?


This art is really very beautiful but I think , it can be much more presentable if more effects can be used…