Fantasy House

Really enjoyed making this and learnt some new techniques along the way. Think next time I will put more time into pre-production and planning, I feel like it’s lacking a story and the composition is rather boring but I’m happy with it.

Good job, good modeling ant texturing of the house, i also like the atmosphere.

Nice job, i really like the way you set up the lights.
The render is a bit noisy, maybe it’s the way you wanted it to be; if not you could try using a higher number of samples, but great job anyway.

Thanks a lot man!

Fantastic, the modeling and lighting is awesome:yes:

nice work!

this looks pretty nice! fantastic art style :smiley:

Superb. Everything about this is great.

Amazing render! I like the model, the materials, the environment… Everything :wink:

Very nice job.
Love the model and texturing.

About your composition… may be the fare landsccape could have been a little more detailed but honestly, the eye is caught byt the house and colours so… It’s just great

I love this image, especially the lighting and materials.

For the edges of the shingles and where you can see the edges of the house, where you see the geometry of the rocks instead of just a flat edge, did you did you displace your rock walls and roof textures? I mean, are the shingles and rocks parts of the house displaced or is that all bump mapping?

Thanks a lot man. I did use your tutorial for a lot of the techniques just with some different concept art!

Thanks! I actually sculpted a couple different bricks and baked the normals out to a low poly version.