Fantasy ingame kind of character..please critisise, I want to get better :)

Hi :eyebrowlift: I’m not all that new to Blender but I’m not very good at it :stuck_out_tongue: So I was wondering if I could get some critiques on this model I just made, Its not done yet so I could still use some pointers.

Thats pretty good, but I would “Set Smooth” the whole thing to be honest, and then add more details. But its definitely a damn good start.

Well thank you, I’m trying to be careful how high poly it gets…it’s soposed to be ingame…but I have some ideas :slight_smile:

I dont think set smooth add any polygons though, I think it just changes the way it draws the faces.

Borgleader is right, Set Smooth will not add any faces or geometry to your model. It will just improve the way it looks.

As for the model itself, it looks like you are doing fine. It doesn’t appear to be too polygon heavy and it has nice detail and definition.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished model.

Only crit from me is that the hands seem a little wide and the fingers could be lengthened and made a tiny bit thinner. Otherwise, looking good for a lowpoly.

Unless he’s a dwarf, the legs are about a head too short. Dwarves are usually stockier, in case he is a dwarf. Or, the torso is too long. Either way, you have some proprotions to fix. Shouldn’t need additional polys, just scale it.

Overall, looks good.

Well as you see, Its a fantasy inspired char…and if you have played Zelda or Fable and such, you will see that they always have big feet and hands :slight_smile: