Fantasy Landscape (final)

Not too much to say. Waterfall and clouds painted in Gimp and composite in Blender (I like painting :slight_smile: ). Everything else, well… Blender. Hope you like it.

Seeya !

PS: The wip thread ->

I lurv it.

It’s fun to do stuff just to do it from time to time, eh?

This is wonderful. I remember the WIP from several months ago. All the time really paid off. Is there any way you could link to a higher res image?

That looks awesome! Love the fantasy theme!!

yeah me too!! i remember it…it was really long time ago…it was back in that year of 07.? you remember that year…it was so long ago lol JK.But yeah its been a while and it turned out great

Really great picture. You have real patience Malefico to finish it after more than half year.

Thank you also for the theme, because of your picture I have borrowed the old film Dark Crystal and really enjoyed its artistic style (I have seen it for the first time).

I loved the Dark Crystal, still have the video tape around here somewhere at the house. Thanks Jir, now I wanna see it again><

Brilliant work though:) I can imagine myself putting that much effort yet. There still a mindblock for me concerning with Blender about the fact that the sky is your limit:)

Malefico, great work!

Dark Crystal… hmmmm, i think i’m gonna see this movie again… have you seen Arthur and the invisibles? :wink:

Hey guys, thanks for all your comments !

Yup I was quite busy to finish it before, but hey, it’s better late than never :slight_smile:

Dark Crystal is a beautiful movie, if you like that kind of artwork don’t hesitate buying “Fairies” a beautiful book from Froud and Alan Lee, or any book from Howe’s, they are my favourite artists :slight_smile:

BTW, I wrote an article for Blender Magazine (hopefully to be featured in next issue) talking about the making of this image, so, stay tuned for some insights.

As for higher res link here you got one (1920x920):

That’s a nice one malefico! If I were going to offer any advice, I think your character in the foreground is a little hard to see, kind of like it’s just another rock.

I really like the clouds in the background that you did in gimp-- I’m taking notes on those…

Really nice, looks magical. really cool.

How did you do the trees?


very nice, good concept. how long did u make it? grats!

HAhhaha! Awesome! How’d you get those trees? That’s dope. The waterfall looks totally 3d too. sweet stuff.

Excellent work. Gallery quality. Five stars.

Hey guys, thank you very much for your kind words !

The trees were done by painting a texture over a camera projected UVmap, colour and bump textures. On top of that I used subsurf and displace modifiers to get some volumes, and in postpro I added a few Normal nodes and colourbands to get some highlights and rims. That’s pretty much it.

Thanks again folks.

Awesome, sort of eye candy looking :slight_smile: That … “ball” reminds me of Transatlantic’s cover art of bridge across forever

That’s awesome, is that SSS on those little plants on the rocks?

Dude, i wanna explore that big mountain. Lemme go do it. Looks fun :smiley:

nice, but imho you said in the wip that he was hiding from the aircraft. it looks like he’s moving toward it, he should have a slightly different pose that makes him look like he’s retreating more. I also think the aircraft should look a bit more menacing, it’s a bit happy for him to hide from it :).