Fantasy Minotaur Character

My friend (a concept artist) and I recently came up with the idea to create custom tabletop RPG miniatures and characters as part of a small business after another one of our friends suggested that he’d pay us good money for one. So, my buddy worked out a concept drawing of the character, and I’m working on the 3D model, and eventually it will be shipped off to a 3D printer for final prototyping. We’re treating this as a proof of concept to perhaps try and turn this into something bigger in the future.

The first character is a minotaur character. I did the base model in Blender, as well as some preliminary sculpting, and then took the model into ZBrush to continue. I’m working on the torso, head, hands, and horns separately. Hands and horns will be added to the sculpt later. Here is a turnaround of where I’m at right now. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks!

EDIT: Updated video with horns and hands.