Fantasy scene: Fossil Room

Here is my last picture (done for WC 118 on topic “Room”).
You can’t imagine how much I learnt with this picture. Modeling the fossil was quite hard for me since I’m not very good at organic modelling. Texturing is also a hard part to me. I didn’t used uv map yet. I’m not comfortable with it. I used tiled pictures here. Next step is uv map :slight_smile:
As for the lighting, I tried to avoid AO because it’s not very versatile at least not as much as regular lighting.
Enough talk:


Hope you like it.

nice. i think it has a myst feel to it.

That’s some real good modeling. The title logo is pretty good as well.

Wow, that is a very nice pic. Luv the style. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey IgorSandman, nice scene. I love the styling on the window, railings and lantern - very organic. The glowing particles coming out of the pit are very nice too. Also the whole concept of something being conjured out of a glowing pit is intriguing and captures the interest very well.
Maybe you could have had the lantern on the opposite side of the scene just to balance out the composition a bit, but then again that could just be personal taste on my part.

I didn’t vote for your picture because the main object is your fossile. But I really really love your picture, and lightning too.

Thanks all for you coments.
Radishimo: maybe you’re right. maybe I should have put the lamp on the right, but I put it there because I needed a practical light on the cape. It looked too dark without it and too wierd if I put a light without the actual lamp beeing seen on screen.