Fantasy scene

please c&c :slight_smile:


Quite a nice render, here are my thoughts…

The wings of the dragon could be a little higher and more spread out.

I like how the light is glowing out of the clouds, but its glowing from near the bottom as well which draws the eye away from the main focus of the picture.

Try using bump or displacement maps to make the rock more jagged, they look a little rounded at the moment.

You could also add some light so you see some more of the near side of the dragon, but I can also see the silhouette aspect of the picture so you might not want to do that.

Generally though, very nice, it looks as if the dragon is just gonna toast the unicorn :).

I like a lot, the light are great. You should UV map the dragon or just apply some texture to give more details, it would look better :wink:

final version(in first post)

the texture of the dragon really sux. it is like a checker-board projected ontop of it. either UV-map him properly or use more materials with different projection directions. this way it does not look 3d at all. the bongo tutorial contains good informations for pulling that one off.

I’d have to agree with him, although i wouldn’t use the word “sux”. It does at first look like the pattern was just added in postpro… it doesnt seem that it flows with the curves of the dragon at all

o.k. last dragon was terrible model and textures, then i opened again project (Fantasy scene) and I made new version of dragon(textures will make better).

That’s a fantastic model, I think there might be some problems around the shoulder, though.

too much stress on the muscles but otherwise ok. joints though look like they will give troubles during animation. body balance somehow looks off too. added front legs though make things look better.

Just like to point out that it’s a mythical creature so it’s open to interpritation. But, if you look at most winged creaters that are real, they do not have 4 limbs, the front ones are usually morfed to become the wing. Personally, I like both models, they both have a very good style. But if I had to choose one I’d go with just rear legs and wings with some semi-maluable claws at the apex of the wing. But that’s just me. Keep it up!! Can’t wait to see the texturing.

That’s is great model, and I’m happy to see that this new dragon has a forelegs. However, IMHO the foelegs should have more similar shape to the rear legs. It’s hard to express, here i gathered some links to images from DnD Handbook:Red Dragon, Gold Dragon, Green Dragon, Green Dragon, Black Dragon, Another Dragon, Dragon. My vision of dragon is similar to those in DD. But, as I said before, this is up to your imagination.

BTW: This is great work! keep it going, I just can’t wait to see next version of this fantasy project.

Those are some great images, those have the best wing configurations I’ve ever seen on dragons, they ACTUALLY have sholder muscles dedicated to the wings!!!

i never liked d&d dragons… but that’s not the point here. what i refer to is not the muscles beeing ‘incorrect’ or things like that. it’s simply people often over-stress muscles on fantasy creatures believing it makes them look better, but they don’t. the way you modelled the muscles they are not bulging muscles but stretch from one one body end to the other. muscles are locally visible and more of a round shape, not square, like you made it. i refer to that. you can make bulgy muscles if you find it fits (in fact it does not but that’s matter of taste i guess) but they have to be bulgy (round), not squared like ritter-sport.

@Khnum: sorry to say this but the wing(-muscle) anatomy is crap in those images. have a look at biology and physics to understand why big muscles on big wings are contradictious and impossible. :wink:

No offense but who made you the foremost expert on Dragons? The fact is that they would not fly at all the way you have suggested. But you have your opinion and I have mine. Plus to flap a wing strong enough to lift a creature the size that these things are supoost to be, there would be a lot of muscle, even if there bones were poros like birds. Get over yourself…

:smiley: … just showed you don’t know about aerial locomotion of animals as otherwise you know that there is active flight and passive flight… sorry… i study physics and have certain interest in biomechanics.

but like said, for what i wanted to say about the muscle shape this entire off-topic discussion has no relevance. muscles are round in shape, not square, that’s all i wanted to say about 'em.

Mandor:foreleg similar as rear legs, no, because my dragon stay on two rear legs, no on 4 legs.

here is test of texture of dragon

I will test new pose of dragon in final pose.

new pose in scene

i would make him more leaning forward as this way his CMP is way too far back.

besides this at the neck the vertex-blending is strange, the neck is squeezed. maybe look at the weight-paint there?

new atmosphere

I think it is much better with this new atmosphere !