Fantasy Short Film: Chronicles of Westhpalia - Prolog

Hey everyone!

We (a small German amateur filmmaking group) just finished our new fantasy short film.

I used Blender in many visible and invisible ways. The most obvious parts are the map animation and the sailing ship animation (model courtesy of BlendSwap user Mineangora). But Blender was also used to add birds and waving flags in the background, as well as the camera-mapped matte painting of a mountain landscape. Additionally, I used it to track the matte painting of a castle into the last shot of the film. What I loved most about this was the easy integration into After Effects (via export addon), especially since version AE CS 5.5 does not have a 3D tracker and Blender’s 3D tracker just works very well.

The film is completely in German but has English subtitles on YouTube. Enjoy!

If you want to stick to the heavy Blender/VFX sequences only I suggest to stop at 2:30 and resume at 8:20.



Thank you!