Fantasy stream/pond

Hello all ^_^. I am currently working on a 3d render, and have been working on it for like 2-4 weeks now. It its a scene of a stream side in a fantasy setting [sorta] at night, so everything wont be visable. I just recently added grass to the scene and i am kinda happy with it, but i know the scene seems imcomplete. Alot of people say that the sky seems broken but i am trying to aim for an odd sky that makes the scene look less and less like something that you would really see on earth. I kinda need some advice now on how i can make the scene look more realistic. Planning to add afew rocks along the shore line and stuff. also incude a brighter version of the same scene so that it would be easier to notice whats there and what is not.


First, very suggestive image, but:
how have you do this? there are post-pro?
I’m question you this because if you plain more realism, there are something that makes cartoonish the render.

There are many things that i don’t understand. Why and how you have blurred everything? If you can sortly explain the process, I will thank you and , possibly if i can, I will help you better.

I really dont understand you >_< sorry. But i will try to answer what i think you mean. The bottom render that is blured out and fadded out, that is just a brighter version of the one that is on the top [top one is the real render]. used gimp shop to make the render brighter. For the first [real] render that has no post editing, i just used a simple grid moved some vertercies around, added trees to the scene, then grass. Did the water before i did the anything else. The water is actually green, but because of the reflection of the sky, it seems more blue.

I would heartily suggest you use something other than flat brown for your soil. Either a noisy procedural or slap an image of real soil on it, with proper scale. Right now the soil really throws the image off.


thanks for your explanation. I have some troubles with the english, so excuse me.

First I’ve watched at the first one and this liked me since the leaves and far trees have an interesting look. I’m still unknowing how you have do this, but i think this is a professional secret :-). I like specially the look of the nearest brownish-brightgreenish tree leaves, high contrasted against the background.

The whole image is impressive, beautiful, etc…, but i think the realism is not his target. I think she as a romantic approach to the subject.

If you want realism, change the whole sky, arrange the trees, the scale of the grass… but i think you don’t want this. What you can do in fact is add some type of mist or some fake resource to add depth to the image.
I thing you are a pro with the renderer so this will not be a problem for you ;-).
Also you can add more contrast to the nearest grass, between the parts far from ground (bright green) and near (almost black). Tweaking illumination, i thing, if not the materials.

I hope this will help you in some manner,

I think that there should be more shades of green in the picture. The color of the trees is too dark compared to the grass IMO. Also you might want to consider adding reeds or perhaps even flowers to the trees.

I think that the water and the sky are fine. Though the riverbank, in which the water and the soil collide, looks too clean.

You also might want to consider taking the picture farther and more up from the river to add more perspective. Try out different lenses too.

It’s not bad despite my criticism but I bet you can make it a lot better. :smiley:

What do you mean try out different lenses?

What do you mean try out different lenses?

I meant you could try alter the lens setting of camera to achieve things like this:

Sorry for late reply. :expressionless: