Fantasy Sword

Not much to say about it at this point. Just something I’m making up as I go along. That middle area with the “thing” I plan on having some cool magical effects with that. Suggestions and criticism appreciated.


Quick Update, some texturing quick, blade reshaping.


I like the blade shape in the second one more than the first.

Pretty good model, If I may, I’d like to see a wireframe shot and how many verts you have.

Unfortunately I can’t be of much help, as I’m a noob, but you might find some help in my stylized sword thread (in my sig).


Update, some new textures, mesh reworking, added runes.


neat! I suggest adding some more detail to the handle.

Update. Completely redesigned hilt, took out glowing center thing.


The design is very cool. However, the blade looks like it has a dull edge. See if you can get the edge sharper, maybe make that part more reflective.

By Chance, is this a mod for TES4: Oblivion??
In case you wonder why i wonder its because of the bottom piece of the handle looks exactly like the oblivion icon/rune/mark/whatever

This sword is total fanasty! Awesome work. I suggest that you could make the handle longer, and do something with the thingy under the handle. the sword bearer could seriously poke himself :smiley: