Fantasy tavern

Hello. This is my latest project - hope you will like it :slight_smile:


I like it. Though i think the lighting could use some work, make it darker and give it a dusk feel. Also the castle walls texture is way to repetitive for my taste. keep it up.

Agreed, make the stones in the castle wall bigger and add more contrast between them.

Thank you for commets - i have added more contrast in the image. I know about the castle material, i tried several tileable textures and this was the best i found.

Excellent use of Suzanne!

Good job. I liked the mini house xD

Looks great! At first I thought it was a clay render, but then I realized it isn’t… I kind of like it that way.

really fantastic work!!!
but how does you have creat the Bricks??

You can keep the same tilable texture image, just change the scale of the mapping to make the individual stones look larger.

Very cool. Fun and interesting :slight_smile: