Fantasy Urban Outdoor

Hello everyone.
This has been in the works for a few days, most of that time was to find the right art style, which I think I’ve got down approximately.

I’d very much appreciate advice on the composition and in particular what you think of the placement of big blocks (bridges/foreground buildings, etc) and any new ideas. Anything really.

It’s still early, but if anything bothers you here, please prey tell.

This is what I’ve started with:

This is what I have in mind for the art style:

The style is mainly painting over the 3d renders and creating an (overcast?) atmosphere. The other idea is to use a complementary color scheme, with the cooler colors being spread out the most, and warm colors used for objects you want to stand out, this isn’t an accurate description really but it’s simpler for me to understand.

Current state:

it’s a really cool look. nice job so far.

I like this a lot! :slight_smile:

This is a very exciting mix of styles in the results! Were your goal a matte painting, I’d say stick to your sketched plans - if you’re aiming for a standalone image to tell a story, pick a center of interest. The water, houses1 and houses2 almost create a ladder of leading diagonals for the viewer’s eye to climb - “keep” and the edge frames a good chunk of canvas for some point of interest. (Ladders of diagonals isn’t really anything proper for composition but I found my eye dropping down to water and then climbing the “houses1&2” to that blank space so I think it could work for you here.)

I hate to say more because I think your imagination is doing just fine, so that’s the sum total of my two cents.

Thank you very much @HelloHiHola, I hope you know how much I value this input. The concept of leading the eye around is still somewhat vague from an artist’s standpoint but as a viewer I appreciate it. A few days ago, in deviantart, there was a painting where the architecture lead my eye through an almost spiral movement to the point of interest finally, where there was an artificial light and a place that felt very home-like, that was definitely the point of focus. Thanks again for the great insight!

@Modron and @ShadowCamero, thank you guys for the encouragement.

I’ve made some progress in terms of deciding what the structures in the background should look like and which tones to put to create a distant atmosphere. The foreground elements still bother me though. As you see the background is almost finished, I’m satisfied with the upper part of the image, which I’m sure I’ll use for the final picture because I did a lot of paint-over on it and won’t do it again probably, heh.

And really any help I’d appreciate, so thanks guys.

Looking good! You need a spaceship or something in the upper part of the image, as a focal point. The buildings keep drawing my focus there. Excellent work! Also, the courtyard could use a little work of course ;). Having a character looking up to the spaceship could be interesting . . .

@NID Graphics, haha yeah I need some sort of vehicle definitely. I was thinking of cutting the render at the lower bridge so the bridge could add to the frame because the composition is still confusing me. Maybe a train on one of them could be useful, to suggest movement. Thank you NID.