Fantasy Vanitas :)

I could continue adjusting mats and textures on this forever. A very fun and challenging BI render. Hope you like.

I really thought this would command more attention. :slight_smile:

Wow, great work, I had not seen this until now.
I really dig the composition. There are so many objects in this scene, but it still doesn’t feel cluttered.
The shaders are looking convincing. The only object that looks a little bit weird to me on the shader- and textureside is the leatherbag.

Have you done any postproduction on the render?

Agreed - some of the mats could still use adjusting that one especialy, but no, the only post work on the render (which currently stand at about 40 hours on 6 cores) is one node for the candle glow. :slight_smile: And TY for the kind words, I put a lot of time into this render, and I was begining to think it was crap! :smiley: - I mean, I realize it’s not the best, but I at the very least thought it was decent if I do say so myself. :slight_smile: Again TY.

40 hours? Well, thats a pretty long rendertime. How come?

40 hours sounds insane to me!
Great work there, it could use more post work indeed, but the composition is good, textures are good, maybe too crisp. It kinda shows the limits of BI though.
It reminds me of the spash screens you could see in warcraft 2 somehow (and that’s a compliment).