Fantasy Waterfall

A castle on a waterfall inspired by fantasy images that I saw on the net.

It’s a good experience to learn how to make waterfall with alpha images


Beautiful! May I ask how you did the waterfall (texture)?

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I used alpha images that I found for free on the net. After that, it’s a lot of testing on transparency and bump

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Really like that (also the attention to detail in the background mountains and little touches like the ship). The light is great too. Big thumbs up from me!

Thanks a lot

It’s really a great job. I don’t know how open you are at this point to criticism or suggestions, but I believe it would be great if the water geometry could be something like this:

It’s not the best model, I know, but it’s just to explain the concept.
That would also open some other possibilities.

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You are right. I had to think about that but I did not see how to do it. Your solution is good and I should see how to adapt the texture of the water

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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