Dragon versus unicorn

Dragon’s body texture is somewhat “checkered” Unfortunately, dragon’s pose makes that too noticeable. Wings design… Do not know, but something is wrong with it, not live enough… Also wings lack any texture.

But castle, and cliffs and air are great. :slight_smile:

Dragon’s legs look a little like chicken legs, and AFAIK most of dragons have also forelegs, but it’s up to your imagination. I like head of dragon, a uniorn, a castle (it’s wonderful!), and the “fantasy” feeling of the whole scenery.

with forelegs this dragon look funny(my version of dragon :-/). I will try improve model and textures of dragon.

Two main comments:

  • The dragon needs texturing
  • The cliff on the right is a bit too edgy for my taste. Perhaps a little smoothing would do it good, but I might be wrong about this.

So how does unicorn meat taste? (or isn’t it roasted yet? :wink: )

That reminded me of shrek :smiley:

Good work man!

I especialy like the scene and composition. Great work. Dragon model seems just a tiny bit out of proportion, though.

Agreed with most comments above. Also, there seems to be to few verts on the edge of the wing membrane making it look vary angular, perhaps add a few more the get a smoother transition. Looks great though!!

i would suggest a bit of motion blur on the wings, if you are planning to tweak the image.

Well due to my extremely high screen res, I can’t see textures very well, unless the pic is 1280x1024, but for the overall feel, i like it.

Sprinkles, you know you can change your res quite easily right? and then change it back when done. :wink:

new model of dragon
and new atmosphere

First off, awesome dragon. I love dragons. The muscular structure is perfect. The addition of forelimbs is a huge improvement… although I really did like the airborne pose more than this new one. It was more dynamic when he was in the air. You really might want to consider getting him up in the air again.

I like the nighttime setting better, too.

You MIGHT want to make the unicorn a little bigger. He’s pretty tiny.

Maybe you could play around with some halo effects on the unicorn’s horn?

Aside from this stuff, great render :smiley:

IMHO Dragon looks better, but Anayo is right, you should consider getting him up in the air again.

Dark scenery is ok, although i liked the first one a little more. Previous atmosphere gave a little more “fantasy” feeling. If it has to be dark, then maybe you could consider adding a little more light on dragon, and on castle in background.

Anyway, its great render ;]

I agree that the other background looked better, gave a much more fantasy feel to it, although I do like the large moon backdrop, it just does not illuminate the scene very well.

If you want to keep the dragon on the mountain cliff, perhaps put a little work into making the hands that are touching the cliff look like they are gripping more, perhaps even clawing into the ground a bit, and perhaps give a little motion blur to the wings as if it’s flapping to give it a bit of lift?

Nice dragon, I like it, even though it isn’t perfect. The most notable error would be the dragon’s calfs (lower part of the hindlegs). I don’t think it would be able to handle the weight of the body.

Other minor errors are also muscle/proportion related, and then there’s the wings which I think might be a bit small, and could probably use a bit smoothing out.

I like the second one way, way better… my only crit would be that the wings are too flat. Curving them would give him more of the feeling that he is hovering rather than just clinging to the cliffside.

The unicorn isn’t tiny! The dragon is just ginormous. I do like the one in the air better, but it wasn’t dynamic enough, probably because we were looking at them completey side on. Unicorn fits well with this angle, but not the dragon.

Three cheers!